The second Qinghai international China traditional archery bow classic in September

8 17, the reporter learned from the Chinese ·, the Qinghai international traditional archery elite press conference, archery elite will be held from September 3rd to 7 in Gonghe county. Then, 118 teams, 23 countries and regions of the 920 athletes Zhang Gong arrow, bow and arrow at the target.

this event by the Chinese Archery Association, the Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau, the Qinghai Provincial Ethnic Affairs Commission, the Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture People’s government, the Qinghai provincial sports federation. In the event of "inheritance, characteristic, innovation and development" as the theme, organized by archery, historical and cultural heritage, national tradition, archery, show the local characteristics, characteristics of the times and national characteristics, to promote fitness and national unity and progress of advanced construction activities in depth. At the same time, further enhance the positioning of the event. read more

Xining Housing Fair turnover of more than 600 million

by the Xining evening news exclusive hosted "charm of summer, livable city" 2013· Xining real estate industry trade fair cum Home Furnishing days before the curtain falls. The current housing fair lasted 11 days, turnover of commercial housing units of 682, with a total turnover of an area of more than 90 thousand square meters, the total turnover of $629 million 700 thousand, an increase of more than 7 times compared to last year.

current housing fair in Ningxia housing, Albert, limeng, three Yu, Hengda, poly, Sun Fu, tamie Hengchang and other real estate enterprises, inside and outside the province famous real Home Furnishing building materials enterprises nearly 100 exhibitors, more than 100 boutique real estate exhibition houses, display products covering residential, commercial, apartments, villas and other business covers the vast majority of the Xining market on the quality of housing. This room during the Expo, in order to enable the people to enjoy more benefits, the developers planned a special home draw, "the preferential storm" such as multiple manners concession activities, at the same time, the youth group launched to meet the demand of small and medium-sized real estate sales led to the apartment layout. Tens of thousands of sets of houses to broaden the choice of buyers face, attracting a number of first-time buyers and improve the just need buyers flocked to the show, the purchasing power of rational release during the housing fair. As a benchmark for the second half of the property market, this exhibition will be the debut of many new projects, the higher the degree of concern, the broader scope of the participants to build the election room, so that the volume continues to rise. read more

Xining air quality into the country before 30

In October 20th, the reporter learned from the municipal environmental monitoring station, China Environmental Monitoring Center released air quality 74 city in October, according to the air quality rankings, Xining City, broke into the top 30, ranked 29, in the five northwest provinces, only ranked 23 in Lanzhou. October ranking is the best result of the city this year.

is ranked second

in the northwestern province of five

in October, the air quality index of 74 city national statistical ranking (by positive rank), the air quality of Zhoushan city is relatively the best, ranked first; Shijiazhuang City air quality is relatively weak, ranked seventy-fourth. According to reports, the capital city of Northwest China ranked as follows: Lanzhou ranked twenty-third in the country, Xining, the country ranked twenty-ninth, Yinchuan ranked thirty-ninth in the country, Urumqi, the country ranked forty-second, Xi’an ranked sixty-sixth in the country. From the rankings, in October, Xining air quality ranked second in the capital city of Northwest china. read more

Xining RS invited more than and 40 individual industrial and commercial households suggestions


News Network on April 10th, Xining City Bureau of Xining area more than and 40 individual industrial and commercial households representatives held a forum on industrial and commercial households sincere request the tax department of the collection, collection, service work problems and puts forward some opinions and suggestions, the Bureau of the Department and the bureau responsible person to answer the existing policies and regulations and work in a variety of problems businesses put forward. read more

Xining city to carry out the activities of Qing 61 students will receive more than 12 thousand copie

May 30th, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Dong Xia Zhen Ke Ma luoguxuantian school, by the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation, the Municipal Education Bureau, the municipal civilization office, comprehensive management office hosted, Xining celebrates the 61 Thanksgiving life · learn to survive beyond the dream and · to the city’s primary and middle school students donated "minors safety prevention and self-help" science book launching ceremony is being held here. read more

Xining City Local Taxation Bureau held a special inspector meeting

in order to better play the special supervisors social supervision function, strengthen the contact and special supervisors, listen to the opinions of the taxpayer, accept the supervision of the community, promote clean government and improve the tax department style construction, social image, recently, the city of Xining City District Bureau of the organization held a special supervisors meeting. District People’s Congress, the CPPCC National Committee, the Ministry of Finance and other departments and representatives of the special invited by the Ombudsman and the local tax bureau in charge of the city, the person in charge of the Department attended the meeting. read more

Xining Yang Village four community water supply pipeline fracture urban water supply

November 1st, Xining Yang Jia Zhai village four water supply pipeline suddenly broken, nearly 2000 people from the Village draft difficulties, the nearest public toilets, became the only source of water, from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m., a long winding to the toilets, toilet water supply staff free for the masses, help people survive.

it is understood that the fracture water supply pipeline in service for 18 years, and the pipeline laying on the villagers homestead, during the villagers have mostly covered buildings, roads have been hardened, which means that the water pipes need to re lay, was unlikely to supply a short time. read more

Xining Federation of trade unions six measures to study and implement the spirit of the eighteen

Xining City Federation of trade unions six measures to study and implement the spirit of eighteen is done carefully, expressed the firm belief of the party workers in the city of infinite reverence feelings and go with the party Chinese socialism.

is a timely communication learning. Eighteen held the same day, the City Federation of trade unions on the organization of the masses of workers in time to watch and listen, and on the next day on the spirit of the eighteen carried out to discuss. Then issued the "notice", put forward the specific ideas of learning propaganda and implementation. read more

Small holiday two days before the high speed road

Since the implementation of the highway toll free access policy, the public enthusiasm for driving travel is getting higher and higher, in April 29th, 30, the city’s highway toll stations, export smooth.

in April 29th, followed by the passing vehicles from the toll station through, no car, traffic jams, an average of 10 seconds or so there is a car through. On the same day, in the safe charging station, outbound and inbound vehicles are not formed, press the traffic jam phenomenon, the vehicle through the toll to save a lot of time. In April 30th, Chaoyang, and rhyme ieguchi toll station, no large area of traffic, car phenomenon. read more

The north area of Xining city this Friday will delicacy Culture Tourism Festival

July 28th, the city of Xining will be held on the theme of "cool summer, charming countryside," the 2012 rural fun food culture tourism festival.

the delicacy Culture Tourism Festival organized by the North District Tourism Bureau of science and technology, the main is to further implement the development of tourism and cultural integration, the large Baoziwan area into the Qinghai rural tourism model and urban leisure agriculture demonstration area, and thus promote the north country beautiful scenery and simple folk, make farming culture and rural old photography exhibition the hearts of the people, arouse memories, let people happy to spend leisure time in the summer enjoy the cool, taste local delicacy, so that more tourists and the public to enjoy the summer Seongbuk rustic charm, feel the party’s agricultural policy brought Hui village changes and new rural construction achievements. read more

Railway Station comprehensive reform of the 7 projects

railway station renovation project started construction in 2010, the current node project will be completed and put into use. Railway sector plans in December 25th will be the speed of the from Xining West Railway Station to Xining Railway Station, Xining Railway Station put into operation. By then, the train station comprehensive renovation project synchronous delivery, so far, the comprehensive renovation project in the Xining Railway Station station square and the surrounding road network, the South Bank of leisure Square in detail in the end? In December 18th, the reporter get the latest progress of the "tip" from the municipal development and Reform Commission, to share with you.

– underground space, station square, at the end of the first bus station: fully completed, ongoing on-site cleaning, equipment commissioning work, before December 24th have the conditions of use. The

– the Luqiao and the pedestrian bridge: in mid July this year to start the construction, has completed the main bridge engineering structure, is implementing the railings and other decorative plate work, basically completed by the end of.

– military supply station construction project is fully completed, ready to use.

– Hamlet Resettlement Project: No. 1, No. 2, resettlement area of 89 residential buildings, 5717 houses, a total construction area of 770 thousand square meters. Has been completed 77, in 2013 started construction of 6 buildings, including: the main floor of the main building of the 4 buildings, the main building of the ongoing construction of the main building in August this year, the construction of 6 residential buildings, is currently under construction on the basis of the construction of the building, the main body of the construction of the building, the construction of the main building of the 2.

– Commercial Office integrated commercial resettlement area: No. 1 to No. 3 plots of land planning and construction of 8 new high-rise hotel, commercial and office buildings, a total construction area of 301 thousand square meters. At present, the main building of 8 buildings cap, is part of the facade and interior decoration, installation of facilities and other projects.
read more

Qinghai swimming pool opened in the new Lake Lake District

In December 22nd, Qinghai swimming Museum officially completed and opened, in the opening ceremony, held water sports activities organized by the municipal government, the Municipal Sports Bureau, synchronized swimming team Liu Zige three national swimming team and the national swimming star show wonderful swimming performances and synchronized swimming performance, the leadership of Chinese Swimming Association, the state Sports General Administration of swimming management center attended the opening ceremony. read more

Xining outdoor advertising management new regulations a clear set of planning and norms

The municipal government executive meeting held in December 17th considered and approved in principle the "Xining city outdoor advertising management approach (Revised Draft)", the concept, measures for the establishment of outdoor advertising supervision and management responsibilities, administrative license management system and legal responsibility are made clear, and increased penalties for violation of provisions on the Administration of outdoor advertising and clearly play a commercial benefits at the same time, to meet the needs of public welfare propaganda.

set according to plan and specification of the "measures" provisions, shall have the following situations: one is the establishment of outdoor advertising in the state organs, schools, cultural relics, scenic spots and landmarks of the Municipal People’s government buildings and construction control areas; two is the use of traffic signs and fire and safety facilities. Normal use or installation of outdoor advertising effects and fire safety facilities and traffic signs; three is the road, dustbin, road names, barrier free facilities using city roads, or set up outdoor advertising influence brand road, barrier free facilities in normal use; four is the use of trees, green belt or seize or destroy the green space; five interfere with the adjacent ventilation and lighting, sunshine, and the noise and light pollution exceed national standards, affecting the normal life of residents.

the "measures" at the same time, the following provisions shall not be set or regional carrier in the form of outdoor advertising: one is not set the scaffolding of outdoor advertising in the square, the main streets and bustling commercial district; two is not set card type of outdoor advertising in the roof of the building; three is not across the road to set up outdoor advertising; four is elevated bridge, overpass, transparent fence, road fence, guardrail, street lamp pole, construction site wall or fence, public areas arranged in the LAN may set up commercial advertising.   read more

Xining fire brigade to determine the first half of the city’s key units of fire safety

  Qinghai news network recently, Xining fire brigade closely combined with hidden governance year special inspection activities, after a large number of Mopai survey to determine the first half of the city’s 702 key units of fire safety. From April 1st to May 10th, the fire department will conduct random checks of more than and 300 key units, focusing on building or site fire approval procedures are complete, whether accord with the nature of the use of the buildings, evacuation routes, safety exit, fire evacuation signs, car and fire channel spacing are in accordance with the provisions, the six aspects of fire protection facilities in operation check etc.. The discovery of the problem, will be subject to registration, and notify the relevant units for rectification, the discovery of major fire hazards, will be reported to the government to supervise the handling area. At the same time, the fire department will also take this opportunity to establish and perfect the checks, the area key unit of fire safety supervision file, and combined with the actual unit to do the key unit fire revision operation plan, organize timely fire exercises.   (/> );
  read more

The new mechanism of three prominent innovative work in the north of the city

north of the city to seize the favorable opportunities for urban and rural comprehensive reform, and constantly deepen the population and family planning efforts, focus on key areas and key links to achieve new breakthroughs. First, highlight the interest oriented mechanism innovation. Through careful study of the family planning policy, and strictly implement the family planning policy to enjoy preferential policies, and constantly improve the reward, assistance and protection as the main content of the interest oriented policy system. Two is to highlight the quality of service mechanism innovation. To strengthen business training, to further standardize the management of technical services, deepen the reform to promote contraceptive work, focusing on technical services of high quality comprehensive services, continue to meet the needs for health knowledge of the growing urban and rural planning. Three is to highlight the floating population service management mechanism innovation. To further increase the flow of population and family planning service efforts, and constantly improve the floating population contraceptive distribution mode, to further promote the floating population equalization of basic public services, accelerate the establishment of a new mechanism of the floating population family planning work and management services, information sharing, regional cooperation, two-way assessment ". read more

Public hospital drug procurement two votes system

according to the relevant notice of national spirit, to promote the healthy development of the pharmaceutical production and distribution industry, recently, the province to develop the "on the Qinghai public medical institutions to implement the" implementation of the views of the two drug procurement vote "" (Trial), the implementation of the "two vote in public medical institutions across the province comprehensive drug procurement".

implementation of the "two votes", aimed at deepening reform in the field of drug circulation, reduce intermediate links and reduce the false high price, purifying the circulation environment, to crack down on "anchored" votes "in medicine purchase and sale of illegal behavior, to guarantee the safety and use of urban and rural residents maintain people’s health rights and interests. The province’s public medical institutions to implement drug procurement "two votes", that is: from the pharmaceutical production enterprises to the pharmaceutical circulation enterprises to issue an invoice; by the pharmaceutical distribution companies to public medical institutions issued a receipt. read more

The province’s public rental occupancy rate is higher than the national level

at the end of October, the province’s shantytowns and city affordable housing supporting work smoothly. Among them, the actual construction of public rental housing 276 thousand and 600 units, 227 thousand and 600 units have been allocated occupancy, the occupancy rate of 82.3%, compared with the end of September increased 1.8 percentage points higher than the national average.

since this year, the province of housing and urban construction departments to vigorously promote the protection of urban and rural housing, city shantytowns and urban affordable housing supporting infrastructure construction started smoothly, farmers and herdsmen ramshackle and plateau beautiful countryside construction, realize the good development situation. At the end of October, the province’s newly opened the studio to change the project 76 thousand and 700 sets (households), basically built 65 thousand and 900 units, in 61 thousand and 600 households, respectively, to complete the annual objectives and tasks 96%, 125% and 121%, completed an investment of 11 billion 500 million yuan. read more

Relying on the simple folk Xining winter tourism colorful activities

was informed that from January 29th the city tourism bureau held a news conference, Xining city with unique tourism resources in autumn and winter, the simplicity of folk customs as the basis, will hold a series of activities of winter tourism in Xining City, rich life of the general public and tourists.

January 28th February 28th, held the fifth session of the China summer snow culture tourism festival "in the people’s Park will be held during the large ice, also in the park lantern art exhibition and large-scale theatrical performances. In January March, relying on the Datong County star tourist village, held "experience in customs, feel the ice winter rhyme farmhouse tourism activities, so that visitors on rice farmers, live in farm house, sleep farmhouse Kang and appreciate the folk art of paper-cut, calligraphy and painting, etc.. February 25th – March 5th, held "the taste of the tea horse are in Huangyuan County, the ornamental lights into the China splendor, most folk culture tourism destination in Huangyuan Dan" folk cultural activities during the Spring Festival, there will be the original ecological folk cultural performances, dance performances, tea lights real horse caravan real performances, folk art performances, Dan in the wind, Town God’s Temple fashion show, "Qiangfeng rhyme flow" dance and Qinghai local special snack show, Lantern Festival fireworks show many folk cultural activities. In February, held in Kumbum Monastery of and traditional folk festival activities in Huangzhong County, twelve month, thirteen month, fourteen folk art performances on fifteen Kumbum Monastery, less jump lamps and butter flower show. At the same time, also launched the "autumn winter scenery summer tour, farm leisure tours, cultural tours, tea merchant religious tour etc.. read more