Survival is the first element of entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship is not as simple as we imagine, entrepreneurial success is also experienced a lot of hardships, through continuous exploration, continuous summary, it was successful, so it is not easy to succeed. But a lot of people have forgotten what is the first element of entrepreneurship, in fact, is to survive, no survival, but also talk about what the ideal, what to start with. Next, share a story with you.

is an arithmetic problem, one hundred thousand enterprises profit one billion, tens of thousands of enterprises profit millions, tens of millions of people in the profits of tens of millions, millions of millions of corporate profits, corporate profits on ten one hundred thousand, one creates profits as a few million. read more

Let entrepreneurs lose customers several mistakes

1, find excuses for yourself. If you have a public relations companies: you can’t finish the work before the deadline, so how will you deal with the customer’s complaints and grievances? Do not look for reasons to say: "I was overwhelmed by the heavy work, so I have no time to start your program.

2, ignore feedback. Most customers don’t tell you about their grievances, just turn around and leave for another deal! Use some extra time to get their attention, set the time for a private meeting, or do a theme of discussion, and your direct telephone customer contact, or ask them to answer some questions on. read more

How to deal with the pressure of competition in the home industry entrepreneurs

The development of

building materials store is very Home Furnishing on the basis of the development of the real estate industry, so in recent years, entrepreneurs continue to join the building materials industry to Home Furnishing facing tremendous pressure of competition, entrepreneurs want to gain a foothold in which will have its own set of management methods, the whole network Xiaobian to introduce you to how in the building materials market to deal with the huge pressure of competition Home Furnishing.

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How to join mom

China in innovation and implementation of the strongest efforts, only to let Chinese generally have a sense of innovation, in all walks of life to their brains, won the consumer market for their own coup. In the food and beverage industry, it can be said that every day there will be new and delicious food, to stimulate people’s taste buds constantly to enjoy. Today, the mother of rural food to "spicy and not dry, fresh and not fishy, into the product channeling incense, long aftertaste," the unique flavor of the vast number of consumers. So choose the mother of rural food to join? May wish to take a look at the following! read more

Green business opportunities to create a green environment

in recent years, the cause of environmental protection has been vigorously promoted, many people have begun to pay attention to the environmental protection industry. That line in the end whether there are opportunities? Is it really possible to participate? The prospect of environmental protection industry is unlimited, easy for more people to create exclusive environmental protection kingdom.

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Open a clothing store needs to know what marketing skills

in recent years, the domestic clothing market has gradually entered the orbit of internationalization, many well-known brands shine in the market, especially those clothing designers brought a very good visual feast, so clothing industry began in the market on the market is very red fire, brought rich opportunities for more and more entrepreneurs that can bring you good fortune, but the clothing stores business needs to know what promotional skills? Take a look at the next.

determine the price of clothing, brand, style: to open a clothing store, first of all want to open their own shop to sell what kind of clothes, to seize what kind of consumer. According to their place of consumption, consumer spending habits to choose a relatively safe brand. At the same time determine the price of clothes. This is the process of opening a clothing store in the necessary amount of A. read more

How to meet customer needs How to create value for customers

since dealing with customers, want to get customer recognition, naturally need to meet the needs of customers to a greater extent, and can create greater value for customers. However, although many people understand these, but how can we do not know. So, how to meet customer needs? How to create value for customers?

how to meet customer needs? This requires an in-depth understanding of customers, from the customer point of view to evaluate their products and services. But the customer will not clearly express what I need. As a result, understanding, digging and insight into the needs of customers has become an important effort. Krogh is the largest traditional grocery store chain, its general manager Dylan often dressed in jeans, and Saturday morning shopping crowds together with my mother to buy food, chat with her mother-in-law. read more

The ten men’s brand ranking


is different from the female crazy shopping desire, but in the current era, men’s shoes market brand of the same lot, it brought to the selection. Some people love men’s design simplicity is not simple, some people love low-key luxury connotation, different shoes brands are insisting upon their own style and characteristics, the following Xiaobian summarized ten men’s brand ranking, see which men’s brand can make you more satisfied?

men’s ten brands list: AOKANG AOKANG read more

How to do a good job clothing store franchise pricing

said we gehangrugeshan, for lack of experience of novice entrepreneurship to successfully open a clothing store, much to learn and master the operating skills, including clothing business in terms of price problem can be said to be one of the most important problem in the whole management process, so that the new investment clothing to join the first to master the knowledge store pricing.

1, clothing to join low permeability strategy, as a business, no matter what kind of pricing strategy, the ultimate goal is to make money, this request must be formulated on the basis of the cost price, can not be lower than the cost to sell. So to keep the competitive price advantage, we should start from the source, large quantities of direct procurement, reduce intermediate links, improve operational efficiency, for manufacturers none other measures, do everything possible to reduce costs, the implementation of small profits, low price to win. read more

See how the winning counterparts Yonghui supermarket

the daily life of people cannot do without the supermarket, basically every week to the supermarket to purchase, the supermarket opened countless home, there are many large and small brands, among them, Yonghui supermarket influence, credibility is high, business is also very good.

7 30, Yonghui supermarket display data released the first half of the performance report, the first half of this year, Yonghui supermarket revenues of 20 billion 835 million yuan, compared with 17.69% of 17 billion 703 million yuan over the same period last year; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 527 million yuan, an increase of 16.3%. read more

How to manage the noodle shop chain

in fact, for the noodle shop chain investors, the choice of the project more entrepreneurs, which has a relatively large competitive pressure, which is not questioned. So, for those investors who operate noodle chain, to better create the industry’s wealth, and to grasp the competition in talent shows itself from the numerous techniques is conducive to the development of the industry.

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For entrepreneurs to analyze the prospects of self rotating pot

eat hot pot is about everyone sitting around the table with a pot, but some people pay more attention to, like a pot. So the birth of a rotating small pot, a pot of one person, eat is healthy, eat is at ease.

now self Hot pot is becoming more and more popular popular, but the self rotation of the small this novel Hot pot Hot pot operation mode, has been paid much more popular, sought after by many young people. In fact, Hot pot now also popular self-help, autonomy is still a lot of forms, we mentioned the "self Hot pot to join more and more popular," choose self rotation of the small shop to join as many investors Hot pot also consider items. read more

How to improve the business performance of a clothing store the whole

store performance is not good, will affect the development of businesses. So, we have to find ways to improve the performance of the store, so that the sustainable development of stores, access to large markets. Join the clothing store, the store business to do a good job. Store management perfect, it gives you a better development. So, how to improve the performance of the clothing store? The following can help you.

This is the owner of

, estimated that many shopkeepers have thought way, Xiaobian to recommend several methods to enhance the performance of the first to develop a plan today, there are plans will have a sense of purpose toward this goal every day, shop management should be systematic and objective, shop staff meetings every day, if the shift should be met in the form of the system account, so the store inventory will have errors, every day how many goals custom shop, let us toward this goal to finish the penalty or complete response to what rewards, so the penalty award to encourage people to struggle. read more

Alice tea join advantage obviously

Alice joined the tea brand market has been concerned, the number of stores is also increasing. If you want to invest in milk tea project, select the brand project will have many advantages. What are the specific advantages embodied in? Many franchisees are not very clear, hurry up with Xiaobian to see it.

1, Hong Kong style milk tea for tea based, supplemented by the formation of a unique taste of milk, favored by the vast number of consumers. And once the most popular desktop tea, because the taste is too sweet greasy gradually eliminated by consumers. read more

Freshman students to open the company to do business together

many students entered the University, they feel completely out of the cage. But freedom is not a waste of time, college time really need to make good use of. Now many students want to try to do their own business, but, still need someone else’s guidance and support. The Southwestern University Foreign Language Institute, a teacher in charge of the whole class to drive the students to start a business, he is also the creative ideas.

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Grinding time coffee free join venture

catering industry, has been very hot. Small business choice to join grinding time coffee? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust. Join grinding time coffee, good business opportunities in the market, no longer have trouble!

now want to join the food and beverage industry as we all know, we all think that coffee shop seems to be a very unrealistic idea, in fact, not necessarily, as long as the project to find the right, you can successy set up shop to make money. If you want to eat in the restaurant industry nuggets, you may wish to consider the choice of grinding time coffee to join, this is a very good choice. read more