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. In the continuous update, website content has become the most important thing. But many owners did not care, because your own website, a wide range of industry hot, want to get an easy. In fact, this is not very good, because the hot industry articles, even large sites, many of them are pieced together, but most of them are talking with some little speak generally. The search engine is too large, the homogeneity of the article, is not welcome. Under the new rules of the site should be more in-depth to explore some industry knowledge. In the "user experience" as the core of the new regulations, as many users sort out some common problems, do the answer is more appropriate. After all, many sites are in outline, talk about product features and so on. But the real for having heard it many times, to grasp the needs of users, different content, will let you get unexpected results.

Under the new regulations should be a

who won the ranking? Some people lose someone up, and study out, as on up. After screening of several key words, most of the rise is the inside pages station, channel page, content page has. The page itself should weight is not high, so, this adjustment is mainly to reduce some website rank.

a few days ago, Shanghai officially "love love Shanghai algorithm upgrade, will affect the cheating site included and ranking" low quality site description of the post, and in two days, most of the webmaster, especially medical website owners found that the stable rank almost fall in a complete mess. I also have the keyword stable for years to squeeze into the dozens of meters.

website. This adjustment, long tail keywords most small website had dropped a lot. Instead of the inside pages of the station, the station had to rely on the long tail word strategy and gradually become vulnerable. In the past, we are focusing on the home page keywords, keywords in the secondary section of the page, the long tail word into the content page. Although now we also recommend this, but do range should be appropriately reduced. Small webmaster itself limited resources, whether it is content with the chain are not with big website competition, if you go to compete with large web sites in the same way, it will surely die. A better way is to do a small circle of the site, to go to the station station resource channel, even within the page. Wait until the perfect gradually and then gradually expand the scope of the industry.

small webmaster, fantasy catapulted to fame has captured the popular keyword is not realistic. It should be a step forward from the stable, long tail word and valuable start. Slowly accumulated weight, to find a breakthrough. In this paper, by 贵族宝贝 noble baby adwordsh贵族宝贝/ original issue, please indicate the link, thank you.


Under the new regulations should do fine website

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