Coaching the Stars : A True Talent Management Story by Sir Alex Ferguson

first_imgBy Georgios Goulas,It is really impressive how many people are currently professionally engaged in finding talents. The term talent management has prevailed even in the staffing of jobs where you may not need to have extraordinary talents! Even for a simple office job, a talent acquisition specialist, manager, coordinator, etc. will reach you. The term recruiter is no longer enough for the area of human resources management.Nowadays, in many business activities, talent hunting is vital for becoming a leader in your field. A global “war for talents” is a fact. An excellent example is the professional football industry, where football clubs have set up worldwide networks to find and acquire top talents. The pioneer in creating a structured, modern and efficient talent management system was Sir Alex Ferguson, Manager of the colossal club, Manchester United. His ability to make successful business decisions alongside with his coaching style, created a unique Leader in Football history. For me though, his greatest success wasn’t the recruitment and development system he set up but the retention of the best players in the club for many years.From my point of view, this is the biggest challenge for an HR department today. The retention of your best! In order to succeed in this challenge, HR should work closely and effectively with the line managers. Alongside with a fair and reliable compensation and benefits policy, specialized training and development programs and a healthy working environment, the HR should help line managers to perform like Sir Alex.Sir Alex would always:help the players take responsibility for their actions by his exampleprotect the team. He kept the players calm during crisis (external or internal) and after bad resultsevolve by acquiring extra knowledge and skills. “If you don’t grow and develop they will abandon you” he used to sayclaim the best working conditions for his team because he believed that the players and all the staff members would perform better in a positive and well organized environmentkeep his players on their toes, by constantly creating challenges and motives so that they wouldn’t get bored with the daily routinebalance his criticism with encouragementbe an observer. He preferred to remain silent than interfere continuouslytell the truth. He was honesturge his colleagues to find a hobby, to get rid of the job stress and to avoid burnoutnot stood in the way of players who wanted to leave the clubAbove all, Sir Alex had a vision. He worked to transform the club into an enormous and successful organization, where the best talents would have enough space and opportunities to grow and shine at the top level!The recruitment of top talents is probably easier for the famous brands by default. Maintaining the top talents though is not only a matter of brand, systems or policies. It is also, a matter of behaviour and relationships. To a great extent, it is about the personality and the leadership skills of the manager who deals with the talents every day.Georgios Goulas, HR Business Partner | Senior Recruiter | Career CoachFollow Georgios Goulas in LinkedInTweetPinShare8585 Shareslast_img

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