The pure text links to Shanghai dragon three function optimization

pure text links is called to display the URL of the domain name registration form, just like the stationmaster, are registered by combining the type of site keywords, through the natural domain name can also know what type of website belongs to. Even if not through hyperlinks, as long as the release of text links plus the name of the site, also can let users know their site types, but also through the promotion of a wide range of your site can be more effective to allow the user to remember your site, to visit the website by entering the URL in the form, of course it takes your domain name easy a short and easy to remember. Like Baidu, 163, Sina, soso and so on, a look at the URL you know what website. So, ten thousand steps back, even if the pure text links can improve the site’s ranking, for users to remember the URL directly enter the URL to access Web site is also a very big role. And the large-scale promotion of its own web site, can make a web site since the formation of a brand, it is very effective to search engine even if it does not depend on can get traffic.

three, high quality text links can also improve website ranking

is now very hot soft Wen promotion website, its final form is not to spread through text links? Copyright source webmaster left explanation, is popularized by text links. But as long as you release platform has a certain weight >.

webmaster every day in the site to continue to do outside the chain, but many sites are limiting the use of hyperlinks, natural webmaster will retreat and link for choice in the form of text. Many webmaster said pure text links to Shanghai dragon optimization, in fact, I believe that in the current view, to the site to add pure text links or a little effect on the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. At least you can improve the exposure rate. Ah, but also know on the chain to improve website ranking, increase Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect, natural eventually arrived but wait. Today I will share a few pure text links the role of their opinions.

webmaster in query site reverse link, the chain is deliberately to see love Shanghai, love Shanghai related domain and the chain is also love Shanghai. So, in the webmaster inquires the reverse link is in the relevant domain query love Shanghai. As we all know, in the love of Shanghai DOMAIN command used to query are often the reverse link appears in the form of text, expression of this is the love of Shanghai anti chain. If love does not care for Shanghai, then why should this factor? And the site has a large number of love Shanghai related domain have some help for the website ranking weight. So, some owners believe that love Shanghai related domain no, actually the most important is to look at the correlation only, love Shanghai related domain correlation is stronger also can enhance the website ranking.

, a text link can increase the love Shanghai related domain

two, pure text links can improve the site exposure rate of

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