On page three label design user experience is king

website program, can set three labels, which three label? Is the title tag (title), (keywords) Keywords tag and description tag (DESCRIPTIOM). Many owners ignore the three labels, or very simple set. Do website optimization to the forum is not illegal. The three label is your website to the search engine’s dialogue tool, but also the user in the search engine first to see your website impression, there are two of them:


tag: today Shanghai dragon topic

users have been feeling very tired in the search engine’s vast sea of Chinese characters, we can be appropriate to add some special characters: * * *, etc., is a very good choice, enough to make the user’s attention away from your competitors in the text, this is the user experience. As for how to attract users, I believe that this problem is not to the webmaster. We can see from the two major search engines of 628 actions, the user experience is the most concerned about the search engine.

1, tell the search engines you this page is about what keywords.

tag: Shanghai dragon topic, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon forum

as the saying goes: details determine success or failure. This sentence is decided in Shanghai Longfeng not flicker, Chloe think: pay close attention to detail, persevere. Is the Shanghai dragon zhishengzhidao. From the original Crespo blog (贵族宝贝rex88贵族宝贝), please keep the link.

description tags: AC Shanghai dragon today the latest developments, the latest information to understand the Shanghai dragon. Shanghai Longfeng Forum – Shanghai Longfeng information dissemination network forum is designed to provide a forum for the exchange of Shanghai dragon Er, this is the Shanghai dragon information communication network of Shanghai Phoenix Forum, hope to get more support in Shanghai dragon Er, we will make Shanghai Longfeng forum to do great value! < / p>

a Shanghai dragon forum a forum set to


the same words in the search engine on the same page, a good description is the first one in the eyes of the user, so how are we going to attract users to click on

we can have a corresponding set of keywords in the title tag, list all the keywords in the keyword tag, note the commas with input method (English, 2~3) separate words in the description tag, summarize all words in a short sentence, in the end can be added to the description of the website, is about 60 a word about. For example:

2, to attract users in your web site from search engines.

In general

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