Keywords the content page ranking is more webmaster to study

we can even analysis of key words appear, whether the bold and so on, these are worthy of our analysis. Do Shanghai dragon in addition to the two large to update articles and release the chain, there are a lot of things are worth learning and research; love Shanghai algorithms are constantly changing, we can only find some time to change and the rule of the search engine, can make our website optimization of the original article from 2012 the better! The new song www.yy789贵族宝贝, reproduced please indicate the source, thank you!

2, keywords appearThe distribution of

data analysis, whether it is just a construction site, or in the optimization of the site is so, time to concern dynamic ranking keywords and some other data change, change, change and keywords such as website snapshot ranking web site included, the chain increase and decrease and all these need to be recorded.

3, the content of the pageIn addition to these

for example we love Shanghai in search of "Xiamen Shanghai dragon", the home page ranking is almost home, analysis of the top five sites may not analyze what things, the snapshot is very slow, soon ranked site time, included only one, seems to be carried out what things to come; now we can move to the home page content page:

for keywords ranking, the previous method is mainly the analysis of the top five sites, analyze their snapshot update, included, the chain is how, whether there is a high weight of the chain, through the analysis of the data, we can calculate the number of things, but we know that there are many factors affecting the keywords the ranking, in many cases we found some sites in Shanghai dragon do not like, but the keywords ranking is very good, he still analysis is not a reason why; in fact, we can use another way to analysis, that is to observe some keywords content page ranking.

The density of !

from the picture we can have this two page, content page is generally not have the chain support, that is not completely outside interference of Shanghai Longfeng personnel, then we can put the idea to focus on the content, we can from the two sites found that they are high in weight the website, we all know the content page weight is the lowest, we can suppose from the analysis of the law, coupled with our chain of support, it can be an easy job to do to beat these content pages, in fact we can find a lot of input keywords in the content page ranking phenomenon. From the content page keywords ranking we can analyze several aspects:

Can not be a lack in the Shanghai dragon in

1, website title written

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