Fortnite Event: Watch what happened during the Monster vs. Robot fight

first_imgOne of the biggest events in Fortnite history is now complete.After a week of watching the countdown tick down, we were finally able to witness the monster take on the robot that was in the process of being built. Fortnite shut down other game modes to create The Final Showdown limited time mode. This game mode had the tagline: “Initiate Island Defense Protocol. Emergency hyperfuel jetpacks have been granted. Take to the skies and find cover on sky platforms.” Energy Ball The remains of the giant sword and the monster are now part of the map, likely at least until we get to Season 10. You can find treasure boxes and floor loot in this area. The event had several names leading up to the actual fight: Cattus vs. Doggus, Robot vs. Monster and even Mecha vs. Monster.If you weren’t able to watch the event live, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered. Below is a video of the July 20 Fortnite Live Event.Watch the Season 9 Fortnite live event videoFortnite event: What happened in Monster vs. Robot fight?As you can tell from the video above, the Monster emerged from the sea and began attacking parts of the map. At first it breathed fire onto the ground, but that doesn’t appear to have made a difference on the map. It then reached for the energy orb, which we later saw the Robot used, but we’ll get to that in a bit.As the Monster started reaching for the orb, the Robot activated and began fighting. The two giant stars attacked each other for a good while with the fight seeming to be over after the Robot took down the Monster into the sea. But as the Robot was walking back, the Monster emerged from the waters and viciously attacked the Robot.The Monster was able to chew off some parts of the Robot, including one of its arms. But then the Robot reached down and grabbed the orb and used it to knock the Monster back. The Robot then grabbed a giant sword from the ground, and put it into the Monster’s head, winning the fight.After winning, the Robot launched back up into the sky, leaving the remains of the Monster behind.Fortnite map changes after live eventSword is in game now (Epic Games) (Epic Games) The giant energy orb the Robot used is also visible on the map now. As of now it doesn’t have much use, but surely after the World Cup we’ll get more of an understanding of how this operates. Expect this to be involved in the transition from Season 9 to Season 10.Polar Peak is goneYou may not have been able to tell from the video, but when the Monster emerged it took Polar Peak with it. You can see the castle and the surrounding ice on top of its head, and it was fully destroyed by the missile attacks sent by the Robot.last_img

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