The New Zealand Initiative invites guests to preserve the environment

first_imgThe New Zealand tourism industry has joined forces to launch a major tourism initiative that encourages visitors to take care of their environment and unique nature. TIAKI VOW WHILE TRAVELING IN NEW ZEALAND AND WILL CARE FOR LAND, SEA AND NATURE, TREADING LIGHTLY AND LEAVING NO TRACETRAVEL SAFELY, SHOWING CARE AND CONSIDERATION FOR ALLRESPECT CULTURE, TRAVELING WITH AN OPEN HEART AND MIND “New Zealand is known for its warm welcome to guests and the Tiaki Vow is based on that fact and invites the world to stand by us so that future generations of Kiwis and visitors can enjoy the natural beauty”, Said England-Hall and added:”The vow reminds people to act responsibly towards the goods that New Zealand offers, and under that they are expected not to pollute the environment, drive carefully and be considerate of everything”. Under the motto “Tiaki – Caring for New Zealand”, the industry has launched the “Tiaki Vow” initiative, which actively encourages visitors to care for nature and respect New Zealand cultures in order to preserve the country for future generations. Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis presented the initiative on behalf of seven key public and private sector organizations whose collaboration has helped implement the initiative. Find out more about the whole project HERE New Zealand CEO Stephen England-Hall emphasizes that everyone is responsible for caring for New Zealand, and the Tiaki Vow encompasses the connection of New Zealanders with their home. Air New Zealand CEO Christopher Luxon said the initiative cares about the country but also the people. “In addition to seeking the support of our visitors to care for our country, we want to provide them with a safe journey, but also a fantastic experience”. The Tiaki Vow will promote all organizations participating in the initiative, but also beyond. The information is currently available in English, Maori, German and Chinese, but a number of foreign languages ​​will be included over time.last_img

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