Broome County Board of Elections speaks out on misprinted ballots

first_imgSmith says voters need to make sure they are accurately following instructions and just circling in for which candidate they want for president — and not writing in anything else. While the Board of Election acknowledges the fact that there was a misprinted ballot issued to a Broome County Voter, they also say that this is the only incident they are aware of and are already working to fix it. “Obviously, there’s a huge concern that it’s done properly, and that there’s no issue. We use a third party vendor to get a lot of our ballots out as other counties in the state do,” said Smith, adding, “We want to make sure that with our vendor there’s no interruption, that our vendors doing the right thing, and that our vendor’s sending the ballots out to the correct people with the correct return addresses.” Mark E. Smith, the Broome County Republican Election commissioner, says the Board of Elections is making sure that a mix up like the one in New York City doesn’t happen here. President Trump weighed in on the situation tweeting, in part, “Cancel ballots and go out and vote just like in the past decades when there were no problems.” They add that they do trust the mail in ballot system and caution about something else: properly filling out your ballot. The New York City Board of Elections say they will reprint the correct ballots and deliver them to the right voters, but the news comes on the heels that other New York counties have been affected by incorrect ballots –like right here in Broome County. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — Over 100,000 absentee ballots were misprinted and distributed to New York City residents due to a printer in Rochester. They caution that crossing out another candidate or writing notes on the side will make your ballot ineligible and say if anyone messes up or has questions to contact them directly.last_img

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