Minor League Baseball season remains in limbo

first_img“We are hopeful in the next two or three days, decisions are made about Major League Baseball playing. Out of those decisions will come discussions about how we will execute the Minor League Baseball season, if in fact there will be one this year, which right now, we just simply don’t know.” Hughes is hopeful an agreement will be made within the next few days between MLB and the MLBPA, which will ultimately lead to a decision regarding minor league baseball. If the latter is the case, Hughes mentioned how many elements will have to be discussed, such as MLB incurring additional costs to pay MiLB players. BINGHAMTON (WBNG) — There is still no official word on the 2020 Minor League Baseball season, as negotiations between Major League Baseball and and the MLB Players Association are ongoing. Hughes noted each day with no decision makes the window to play smaller and smaller, saying “time is ticking and the clock is not on our side.” Despite that, he is optimistic for a decision soon. The meeting’s purpose was to provide an update and discuss where things are heading in the future. “It’s all dependent upon the wants and needs of the Major League Baseball teams. If they’re actively playing and have a need for support players or taxi squads, than that’s really going to be detrimental to us. If they’re not going to play, perhaps there’s a window.” Today, an Eastern League Board of Directors meeting was held over the phone, which included Rumble Ponies owner John Hughes along with input from MiLB. Hughes said MiLB continues to lay out hypothetical options if a season is able to happen, adding they will be ready to go if possible. Hughes also reiterated playing with no fans is not an option. “Like” Nicole Menner on Facebook and “Follow” her on Twitter. Hughes said there is no set date or deadline the league would decide it’s too late to have a season, but admitted it’s difficult to remain optimistic as every day goes by without a decision. Within the league, Hughes said they have discussed what would happen if some teams had clearance to play, and some did not. If every location is not open to play, Hughes said they would make adjustments to those facilities allowed to have fans and allowed to play, and would accommodate teams if they were allowed to join in at a later date. Hughes says the official decision will come from MLB.last_img

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