n 2017 the province’s graduate student enrollment in October 10th

I, 2017 graduate enrollment time for October 10th – 31 day, during the daily 9:00 22:00, candidates can log China graduate enrollment information network through the Internet, according to the website of the tips and requirements fill in the registration information. This year’s graduates forecast information is valid, no need to repeat registration. The recommended exemption must in October 31st by the school recommended check code issued by the provincial Zhaoban to fill out the registration information on the Internet, and the same period and the other candidates to confirm the registration information.

11 8 – – 12 days for the candidates to confirm the information time. Candidates carry valid ID, graduation certificate and registration number to the management center recruitment exam service hall, qualification certificate, audit, photography, registration information check and payment information at the scene confirmed, also asked the candidates signed the "examination integrity undertaking". No longer accept the registration formalities.

examination of minority of high-level talents of the candidates to the Provincial Department of Education National Education Department to obtain qualification, examination management center to recruit online registration check code section for the minority of high-level talents project, according to the Ministry of education graduate enrollment in 2017 of minority high level talents published online plan for online registration. Online registration, on-site confirmation and examination time and the national graduate entrance examination uniform. The high-level backbone of the minority nationalities shall be subject to registration and shall not be changed.

12 15 -26 June download print "ticket" system, candidates rely on network user name and password landing research network query exam information, download and print "ticket".