Huangzhong to stop the sand luancailuanwa

Much attention of the people of Huangzhong and other regions of dopa luancailuanwa, stealing daowa illegal sand resources, focus on remediation activities in Huangzhong county government smitten governance according to law has been fundamentally curbed. As the mining remediation illegal sand resources, the most stringent measures to the largest investment most, the most obvious effect of the year this year, Huangzhong County launched a nearly 7 month focused campaigns, all closed area 178 mining wash Sunaba, because 14 sand pit formation sand backfilled pit 6 complex the destruction of 1400 acres of arable land, 840 acres of land reclamation has been formed, the County sand resources management gradually standardized and legalized track. Huangzhong area of DOPA excavation of sand and gravel in the last century, eight, began in 90s, nearly 10 years, driven by economic interests, some enterprises who ignore the laws and regulations and illegal sand mining, ignoring the ecological environment, wanton illegal digging of sand resources and repeated, continuous luancailuanwa behavior caused part of the cultivated land, sand and gravel the river and the ecological environment has been severely damaged, endangering railway, electric and water conservancy facilities of public safety, causing ecological damage in large area, has brought great harm to the lives of people around. In the face of infrastructure has been increasingly serious damage to the ecological environment and the continuous damage to the face of wanton crazy luancailuanwa violations, to ensure the protection of arable land, river and ecological environment protection, infrastructure security, eliminate security risks luancailuanwa, poaching pirates digging sand caused by Huangzhong County remediation luancailuanwa behavior sand resources as ecological protection, maintenance is an important political task of the public safety facilities to set up Huangzhong County sand resources management work leading group headed by the county Party Secretary, has held 11 special meetings, arrangements for the deployment of sand resources remediation work. In the rectification work, formulated the "plan" of sand resources in Huangzhong County remediation action, take "prohibited mining, processing, storage, strictly prohibited prohibited transportation" and "four prohibitions" measures, by strengthening policy propaganda and guidance, strengthen joint law enforcement departments, in accordance with the law shall be investigated for illegal acts of the parties and other measures, from 80 more than the staff to focus on remediation of Qinghai Tibet Railway around 24 security risks as a breakthrough to dopa, Rushall and other towns as the key point, take power circuit, dismantling equipment etc. strong shut down mining wash Sunaba, severely against illegal sand mining, sand owners forcibly ordered to limit security risk remediation. During the campaigns, in key towns and villages preach extensive rectification action and rectification notice, organized the village cadres and the masses will represent more than 60 times, issued by washing Sunaba closed banned 180 copies of the notice, in the county to create a strong public opinion offensive. To carry out joint enforcement action 89 times, demolition of illegal sand mining office room 280, Taiwan 25, sieve bed material and 30 transformers, transport 26, sieve bed 14, seized illegal sand mining machinery 16 units, down 244, power supply wire and wire rod root 2850 meters. 35 cases punished, the public security organs in 14, which investigated 9 criminal cases, arrested 9 people, 4 people online pursuit, administrative detention of 3 people, a group of black evil forces and contempt for laws and regulations behavior will be severely punished. At the same time, the individual performance;