mplementation of the procurement law of Xining municipal government procurement inspection results

  in order to further implement the "government procurement law", to understand and grasp the problems in the implementation of the Xining municipal government procurement,

continue to promote and deepen the reform of government procurement system, promote the construction of clean government, Xining municipal government procurement center in conjunction with the Bureau of discipline inspection group, financial supervision department, from 6

month 20 to July 10th on the city in 2006 and in 2007 the implementation of government procurement conducted a special inspection.

it is understood that the focus of the inspection is the fixed-point motor vehicle repair, printing and paper supplies and other projects. The special inspection work to take self-examination

correction and focus on examination of the combination approach, specifically divided into self correction, focus on examination, summarizes the three stages of acceptance. Through inspection, focus on solving

point in the process of maintenance of individual enterprises are not in accordance with the contract, the maintenance in charge time charge high, repair parts in the individual in charge of


wait a few questions. To solve these problems, the government procurement management center through the re launch of the government procurement law propaganda, timely rectification notice issued

and the development of relevant management systems and other activities, to improve the awareness of the regulation of the supplier, the concept of business integrity will be enhanced.


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