National 72 secondary school enrollment in Xining 3000 people

Reporters from the city of

that manages, according to the enrollment of secondary vocational schools in Qinghai province this year arrangement, secondary school enrollment is the provincial health Career Technical College, Career Technical College, Qinghai Communications Technical College, Qinghai Province, the construction of animal husbandry and veterinary 4 colleges of the Career Technical College, planned enrollment of 620 people; the province specialized secondary schools have higher occupation of Xuzhou economic and trade school, Shaanxi Electronic Information Institute, 68 colleges and universities in our province, school enrollment plan enrollment of 2380 people.

enrollment school system has 3 years, 3+2, 5 years, enrollment targets for the early, high school graduates. Secondary school enrollment time from July 10th to July 20th, registration sites in Xining City Bureau of education registration certificate hall (the Yellow River Road No. 80), the examinee registration required to carry the account of the senior high school entrance examination admission ticket, senior high school entrance examination transcripts, two inch color photo. Secondary professional school admission time from August 20th to August 22nd. (author: Dezhou)

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