n the three quarter the number of complaints in the Province topped the list

In October 28th, the reporter learned from the Consumers Association of Qinghai Province, with the increase of people’s living standard, domestic car gradually from a luxury into a means of transport, but with the growth of car ownership, car maintenance service and customer service complaints also increased year by year. According to statistics, the three quarter of this year, the province at all levels of association organization received a total of 103 consumer complaints, including household car complaints 21, accounting for 20.39% of the total complaints, an increase of 61.54% over the previous year, the top ranked commodity category of complaints.

this association will effectively increase supervision of the consumption of the domestic automobile, fundamentally regulate behavior, to prevent damage to the unfair form clause, industry unspoken rule and other acts of legitimate rights and interests of consumers, protect the car consumers’ right to choose and fair trading rights, promote the healthy development of the scientific field of automobile consumption in our province to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Guide operators in promoting the advantages of automotive products at the same time, the true situation of the car truthfully inform consumers, so that consumers make rational choice, is strictly prohibited misleading propaganda, induced consumption of illegal acts. Operators and consumers to sign a purchase contract or purchase agreement to abide by the principle of legality and fairness, the responsibility for breach of contract should be equal to the provisions of the format is strictly prohibited. Oral commitment to write a contract or agreement, the initiative to accept the administrative department for the record review and supervision of the community. To supervise the operators conscientiously fulfill the "three" obligations, earnestly implement the "family car three packs of provisions" requirements, integrity management, enhance the brand reputation; the province’s major automobile sales and service enterprise to further enhance service awareness, honest and trustworthy, business law, and constantly improve service quality and improve service level. To increase the intensity of the public notice of the charges, the abolition of unreasonable fees charged for the vast number of consumers to provide clear consumer environment. Strictly prohibited mention car fare increase, plus car decoration, designated to buy insurance and other acts. To strengthen the vehicle maintenance technical personnel training and qualification, and effectively improve the level of technology, strengthen the sense of responsibility, and resolutely put an end to repair technical personnel lack of responsibility, maintenance of key technologies, not only for repair, excessive maintenance and other phenomena, to further standardize the market order of automobile consumption. &nbs;