Accurate orientation of economic development of three counties

"To" 13th Five-Year "at the end of three, the main economic indicators of the growth rate of our county is in the forefront of the eastern city group; Datong County in the west to economic hundred counties, Huangzhong County became the county the county economic development, Huangyuan County became the first county of county economic development." In the county economic development work meeting, the municipal government to identify the three county economic development orientation, aimed at the main direction of industrialization led to urbanization as the carrier, speed up the construction of the project, innovative institutional mechanisms to achieve leapfrog development. One or two, to promote the coordinated development of three industry []: Datong Park rapid development to plan and construction of Beichuan Industrial Park; Huangzhong in the service and support of Nanchuan, Gan River Industrial Park at the same time, seriously study how on Xinzhuang Industrial Park and Nanchuan Industrial Park, Gan River Industrial Park complementary development issues; Huangyuan will continue to accelerate the construction of China the supporting of the industrial park. []: Datong grasp of modern agriculture construction of green agricultural and livestock production and processing and supply base, Huangzhong pays special attention to the construction of vegetable production base, Huangyuan promote animal husbandry intensive level. [to] tourism service industry: counties to take advantage of force, the scenic spots do, do, do, do fine, think in high standard high quality planning, strengthen the propaganda promotion, enhance the scenic cultural connotation and more efforts to strive to build a number of influential major scenic spots, expand tourism enterprises, build tourism products, improve service quality, to form a unique cultural tourism industry. Let the farmers to urban concentration to the public transformation []: built county to seize the leading Town, with the shantytowns, to further increase the county infrastructure construction, expand the scale and enhance strength, improve function, guide the production factors and resources to the county, the county has become an important growth pole in the development of county economy. Built the central town]: three counties to build a typical demonstration center town as a support point to accelerate urbanization. Each county should determine the conditions of the town as a pilot 2-3 better, through a typical demonstration, drive more towns to improve the level of urbanization. [] built new rural communities: Huangyuan County, Datong County rabbit Durkheim tarwan, Huangzhong County, Phoenix Village 3 points identified as the pilot of new community construction, to further accelerate the construction of new rural communities, enhance the level of rural new community construction, efforts to enhance the level and scale of. In the construction of the project on the brains for a breakthrough to accelerate a number of major projects []: the key projects and major construction projects as the work of "hand", grasp perseverance, go all out to promote and strive to quickly sign in, talk about the project, signing the project started soon, projects nearing completion, the completion of the project put into operation soon, the project put into operation soon effect. In particular, it is necessary to do a good job in three county road network, water supply, drainage, sewage treatment and other infrastructure projects. [] actively strive for the implementation of the project funding: the county economic development across the focus to a specific project, pay attention to grasp the macro-control efforts, pace and focus, and actively strive for the national investment project, put more into the national, provincial and city on the "big plate". To aim at the country is planning to promote the 7 major categories of the 19 major projects, pay close attention to the screening of a number of projects, increase the title;