North of the city to elaborate the concept of innovative project site selection

North District set fine working concept in the project site work to seize the key to "fine", "fine", a sound mechanism to promote multi power unite push "fine", in a careful analysis of the area of the current status of the project, according to "dig, block, and change" five words thought, to do a project site. One is the "dig", from the national and provincial implementation of large projects in the area of "bones" dug "meat", relying on large projects, close to the implementation of large projects, small projects of industrial added chain and product support services of large projects, large projects through the extension of industrial chain, to take the "lift". The two is the "block", a careful analysis of the real estate development, shantytowns, affordable housing construction and housing development project location, the surrounding environment within the jurisdiction of the implementation, according to the public service facilities of residential demand, and actively discuss the project construction units, medical care, childcare, care and community service project organic "embedded" in development and construction projects, improve the community service function, service "for". The three is the "joint" of government funding, projects in Huimin Limin, into a door, do a number of things, to facilitate the masses of ideas, will be two or more funding for the project integration, unified planning and construction, give full play to the efficiency of land construction land, unified implementation multi project". Four is the "joint" project, and social investment projects in government funds will have the same or related properties of the project to clear property rights, clear responsibility principle, joint development, land or housing joint construction, through the reasonable layout, implementation of the "one to many", the implementation of a number of projects to increase "". The five is "change", make full use of the idle workshop, adjust the layout of education within the jurisdiction of the idle teaching rooms, through the renovation of existing buildings, make an inventory of resources, so that the old houses play new features "live".
north area in accordance with the principle of "digging, block, and change", through the refinement of the project construction site, solve the key part of the construction land, a number of projects have been implemented successfully in Huimin limin. In the second double Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway, high tech Industrial Park and logistics park expansion, University City project planning and construction of the new gap "dig small meat", the construction of the railway Golmud residential placement, Minxin Garden District and other low rent housing affordable housing construction projects; through the integration of capital construction, solve the Housing District Urban Management Bureau of sanitation parking field and district archives, bureau of justice, Health Supervision Institute of construction land; platinum apartment real estate projects will small offices and office buildings and new bridge community building and development and construction of "embedded".