North of the city continue to strengthen the construction of population and family planning work tea

north of the city in accordance with the stability of the team, optimize the structure, improve the quality of the principle of strengthening the work of measures to strengthen the construction of population and family planning work team. First, improve the assessment methods, stable cadres. Improve and perfect the town, street target management and assessment methods, scientific management index system, and actively improve the treatment of basic family planning staff to further stabilize the population and family planning cadres. Two is to strengthen education and training, improve the quality of cadres. We will continue to implement the education and training system for population and family planning cadres to further enrich the training content and innovate the training methods. Organize and carry out the classification and training of family planning cadres, focusing on the town (street), village (community) population and family planning cadres training. Three is to standardize the service process, improve administrative efficiency. In order to deepen the construction of standardized service agencies as the focus, in-depth implementation of the "Sunshine Planning action", expand the scope of government affairs, conscientiously carry out democratic appraisal, standardize the service and work flow, improve administrative efficiency. Four is to promote style building, forming a good fashion. Through ideological education, improve the system, centralized rectification and other measures to further promote the construction of family planning cadres style. Focus on clean government and wind construction, strengthen supervision over leading cadres and cadres in key positions, and correct industry unwholesome tendencies.