Our city to crack the hard sell vegetables expensive

In educational practice, the city from the "vegetable base wound, with food your hurt people" phenomenon, further explore the reasons, efforts to crack the vegetables are difficult to buy expensive problem, to let the farmers sell a good price, let people eat cheap food. From the garden to the basket post where hunger breeds discontentment. The vegetable is connected to a public table, a head of vegetable fields. For a long time, in the face of fluctuations in the price of vegetables, "vegetable base wound, food your hurt people" cycle repeatedly appear: cabbage fields for the price of 1 cents to 2 hair, and into the hands of consumers is 8 cents to 1 yuan; vegetable price 3 hair doll head, into the hands of consumers is 1.7 yuan…… From the "vegetable garden" to "vegetable basket" vegetable price difference? The relevant functional departments jointly organized personnel to the three counties in the field, to understand the real reason for the sale of vegetables. First, the total output of vegetables oversupply. In recent years, many of the field and the province’s major cities to lease the land to grow vegetables. Huangzhong County rouchard town and the surrounding village as an example, seven hundred or eight hundred acres of vegetable last year, this year increased to thousands of acres. Total production increased, but the sales channels did not increase, catch up with this year’s vegetable harvest, the contradiction between supply and demand highlights. Two is the vegetable variety structure is unreasonable. Seasonal vegetable varieties, structural surplus, also caused a large number of vegetables unmarketable, vegetable planting cabbage, cauliflower and other popular simple dishes, and focus on the market, sales difficult problem. Dish you hurt people why frequently appear to wholesale markets, supermarkets and other sales, circulation center as the focus, agriculture and animal husbandry, prices, business systems integration, by field visits, in-depth to explore the real reason to buy expensive vegetables. First, too many intermediate links. Vegetables from farmers to the hands of the public, usually through wholesalers, suppliers, supermarkets and other procurement processes, after layers of increase circulation, to the public basket has been significantly higher than the price. Two is poor information docking. Our city vegetable market order is not standardized, lack of communication channels between producers and consumers, making people "always heard that a certain vegetable unmarketable, but never bought 1 yuan vegetables" phenomenon occurred frequently. The city attaches great importance to "vegetables are difficult to buy expensive" problem, relevant departments promptly organized by farmers, representatives of vegetable association responsible person, wholesalers, representatives of the public to participate in the symposium, "vegetable base hurt farmers, to discuss food your hurt people" phenomenon, and actively explore the solution to the problem, for one rectification plan. To solve the difficult problem of farmers selling vegetables to the market rule as the core, government regulation as the focus, through the government to help sell, broaden the sales channels, when the wrong listing means, adhere to tackling the problem. First, the expansion of procurement. The implementation of the "agriculture super docking" model, Aomi Megumi Hakka Supermarket Co. Ltd., Beijing Hualian Supermarket Qinghai branch and other 5 companies of Jiaxing, Xining and Datong HSBC agricultural planting base signed a long-term contract, to establish a stable relationship between production and marketing. Two is to broaden the export channels. By the Department of agriculture and animal husbandry organization vegetable cooperatives set up contact foreign businessmen to come to buy vegetables in our city, 7 months before the production of 300 thousand tons of vegetables, 50 thousand tons of vegetables shipped to overseas markets. Three is the construction of vegetable preservation. Implementation of the "winter storage plan", carrots,;