6 eyes 24 hours staring at the provincial capital environmental pollution

this week in Xining city 6 Environmental Monitoring Point Lookout built to run the 6 vantage points 24 hours monitoring in Xining city of black smoke and burning leaves, trash and other acts of environmental pollution, will be the first time that the environmental pollution behavior play a positive role.

December 1st, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Environmental Monitoring Station Office, a staff member is video monitoring of urban environment. In the video monitor screen, panoramic view of the city of Xining. As the staff moves the mouse in the hand, the video of each point of view is clearly visible. As long as the staff to move the computer mouse, video surveillance head can move up and down. According to reports, the 6 vantage points were built in Pu Ning Zhizhu, Chaoyang International Building Materials City, Jin Qing garden two, the Yellow River garden, LohaoCity apartment and the municipal government of Xining civil District, the basic coverage of urban area of Xining.

A staff member of the

field monitoring said that the various points of view with 360 degrees of rotation of the video surveillance camera, there are video capture and video features, video data stored for more than and 20 days. In good weather conditions, daytime monitoring within 8 km, night monitoring range of less than 3 km. If the monitoring found that environmental pollution or burning leaves, trash, they will be the first time the information back to the Xining Municipal Environmental Monitoring detachment and Xining city administration, the environmental pollution control in the smallest range.

since the beginning of winter, the provincial capital of burning leaves, trash phenomenon, built to run these 6 vantage points, will play a positive and effective role for environmental pollution control act. At the same time, please people to call 12369 environmental complaints hotline, acts of environmental pollution complaints around the burning leaves, trash, as Xining’s "winter" contribution.