How to make use of hunger marketing strategy for cigarette retailers

consumers are like this, once a little inventory, people will easily fall into a frenzy of buying frenzy. Last September 10th, after full preheating and rally, iPhone6 officially unveiled in the eye. Everyone on the new product when he was told Chinese unable to hide greeds, the mainland has not been included in the first camp, really put the mainland "Apple fans" hard "hungry" a.

hunger marketing is Apple’s usual marketing new products. Whenever there is a new product, apple through the implementation of advance booking, to the store to pick up sales, the stores listed on the same day lined up, forming a shortage of "false", apple mobile phone market prices soared, attracted consumers crazy rush to buy at fare.

actually, not only apple, many areas are in the application of hunger marketing". Famous brand new car market, buyers have to wait in line or even fare increase, as well as the relationship to be able to buy in advance. In the real estate developers before the opening, full publicity campaign, announced the sale of the number and queue number, making many people less, "the illusion, then started to raise prices……

hunger marketing in the end what is the secret? How to make proper use of the hunger marketing to promote the sale of cigarettes to the cigarette retailers?

hunger marketing is not so simple

hunger marketing, refers to the intention of reducing the production of commodity providers, in order to achieve the regulation of supply and demand, the demand for manufacturing in the illusion, to maintain a higher price and profit margins marketing strategy.

The smaller the

market supply, it is difficult to buy, the more people feel precious. The satisfaction of acquiring rare commodities attracts people to pay the high cost, so that the price of the goods is improved. Careful analysis, the implementation of the hunger marketing strategy, reduce production, manufacturing is not difficult to supply false, but if consumers only "hunger", the lack of "happiness", "hunger marketing" may not be able to achieve the ideal effect.

Nobel Laureate in economics, American economist Samuel Xun has proposed a famous "happiness formula", that is, happiness = satisfaction / desire. As shown in the publicity, hunger marketing process, positive propaganda, limited product supply makes the denominator "desire" is hugely magnified, the molecule "meet" only to realize synchronous lifting, to ensure that consumers in the sense of happiness "hunger marketing". This one of the satisfaction has been affected by a variety of factors, such as whether the integrity of the business, whether the quality of the product clearance, whether the product has a unique irreplaceable advantages, etc..

therefore, before we use the hunger marketing strategy, we should fully consider whether they have the following basic conditions: 1>