Nightingale Volunteer Service Corps Qinghai Nursing Association set up

"I would like to be a glorious nursing volunteer. I promise: to Nightingale as an example, as far as possible, to help others, to serve the community……" April 12th morning, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, the provincial Nursing Association, the provincial people’s Hospital jointly organized by the China Volunteer nursing service corps, Qinghai provincial Nursing Association unit was held in Xining. With the solemn oath of nursing volunteers, the Qinghai team was formally established. This is the 111st team since the establishment of the Nightingale nursing volunteer corps in 2007.

The Nursing Service Corps volunteer Nightingale China

is the first one consists of care professional volunteer organization, its purpose is to promote and carry forward the Nightingale love, responsibility, dedication, and actively carry out into the community volunteer nursing service, spread the concept of health and health maintenance. The Qinghai team consists of 463 nurses from the province’s 28 medical institutions. The establishment of the team for the province’s vast number of nursing staff to build a broad platform to reflect the wishes of the nursing community volunteer to serve the community, demonstrating the importance of nursing care in the national health and health care reform.

it is understood that the Qinghai team after the establishment of a team of experts will integrate academic resources and professional advantages, not regularly to the remote and poor areas of volunteer service, to provide professional nursing knowledge and clinic communication for them. On the other hand, the team members will enter the community for the ordinary people to make up for the patient’s home after the hospital was not able to get professional nursing blank.