All the staff to the Mid Autumn Festival over the peace of mind to go to work

yesterday was the first working day after the end of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, Xining city administrative service center on the office door, a dozen government departments settled staff all duty, in time to come to the office of the public for various matters.

September 25th is the first working day after the Mid Autumn Festival, early in the morning, the Yellow River Road, Xining City People’s government administrative service center to clean the hall, each window staff has to work, some are filing and some related materials, to come to the office of city people in the interpretation of the policy, all in order to work. Peace, compared to a lot of people to come to work, the hall seemed deserted. A person who came to receive tobacco monopoly license told reporters: I did not expect to finish the formalities so early today, very smooth."

Xining several other district government hall is the same situation, the staff went to work early on the first day of the festival. Mid Autumn Festival holiday to relax and rest for a few days, and now the end of the holiday, back to the post must work well.


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