Xining Municipal Bureau of justice on the legal aid service for the people to excel in the activitie

District and County Bureau of Justice: for the further implementation of the Ministry of justice "on the" legal aid service for the people to excel "opinions" and the judicial administrative work conference, in 2012 the city to better accomplish the goals and tasks of legal aid work, provide legal aid for the difficulties of the masses, in accordance with the work plan and the ministries arrangements, from April 2012 to December to carry out legal aid service for the people to excel in "activities, specific arrangements and requirements are as follows:
, a guiding ideology and target to further strengthen social management and innovation, to the difficulties of the masses satisfaction as the basic standard, to deepen the convenience of legal aid services as the focal point, to further expand the service areas, innovative services, improve infrastructure, promote the team construction, and strive to provide better and efficient legal aid services. To effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the difficulties of the masses. Through the development of the legal aid service for the people to excel in "activities, to further improve the service measures, to further improve the legal aid work in the difficulties of the masses, safeguard the interests of the masses in a advanced, good competition, so that the majority of legal aid agencies, legal services and legal aid workers to serve the people growing awareness of service ability significantly improve the quality of service and the optimization effect is obvious, difficult to maintain the interests of the masses of new achievements.
two, active content
(1) to expand the coverage of legal aid. 1, the province’s new poverty alleviation standards (ie, farmers and herdsmen per capita income of 2300 yuan or less) as a new standard of legal aid economic difficulties, so that legal aid to help more people in trouble. 2, organize the implementation of the central special lottery charity legal aid projects, focusing on migrant workers, people with disabilities, women, children, the elderly and other difficult masses of legal aid. 3, do a good job in the newly revised "Criminal Procedure Law" study, publicity. 4, to strengthen the convergence of legal aid and forensic expertise, due to the difficulties of economic difficulties can not pay the cost of identification fees should be reduced by the masses, free identification fee.
(two) to improve the convenience of service initiatives. 1, continue to implement and improve the service commitment system, the first asked responsibility system, limited clearance system, aid open system, the implementation of standardized approval process, as far as possible within the statutory time limit for approval of the approval time. 2, strengthen legal aid reception hall service function. To facilitate the standardization of the service window, regulate the convenience of the performance of the service window guidelines, legal advice, application acceptance, inquiries and other functions. The implementation of network convenience services, providing online consulting services, the gradual implementation of online acceptance, approval, assignment. 3, to further strengthen the standardization of community legal aid workstation. In accordance with the Qinghai Provincial Association and other legal aid workstation standardized construction standards, in the city’s community, the legal aid workstation to carry out standardization of construction activities. 4, to further strengthen the township (street) legal aid station construction. The establishment of judicial villages and towns (streets) must be linked to the "legal aid workstation" brand, conditional access to legal aid can be established in the lobby or;

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