Xining winter air pollution prevention and control

November 17th, held in Xining in the winter of 2015 air pollution prevention and control work conference, Xining from now until April 15, 2016, organized a special action to prevent and control air pollution in winter. Municipal Committee, vice mayor Xu Guocheng attended the meeting.

it is reported that according to the characteristics of winter pollution in our city, our city will be in the three county four district and Dongchuan, Nanchuan, biology, Gan River Park, the lake district range, carried out 5 months of winter and spring air pollution prevention and control special action. From the point of dust pollution prevention and control, coal and straw and waste incineration control, industrial pollution control, vehicle pollution control and other aspects, the full implementation of winter special control measures, to ensure the overall air quality excellent rate reached more than 75%, the concentration of pollution factors is declining.

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