Relying on the simple folk Xining winter tourism colorful activities

was informed that from January 29th the city tourism bureau held a news conference, Xining city with unique tourism resources in autumn and winter, the simplicity of folk customs as the basis, will hold a series of activities of winter tourism in Xining City, rich life of the general public and tourists.

January 28th February 28th, held the fifth session of the China summer snow culture tourism festival "in the people’s Park will be held during the large ice, also in the park lantern art exhibition and large-scale theatrical performances. In January March, relying on the Datong County star tourist village, held "experience in customs, feel the ice winter rhyme farmhouse tourism activities, so that visitors on rice farmers, live in farm house, sleep farmhouse Kang and appreciate the folk art of paper-cut, calligraphy and painting, etc.. February 25th – March 5th, held "the taste of the tea horse are in Huangyuan County, the ornamental lights into the China splendor, most folk culture tourism destination in Huangyuan Dan" folk cultural activities during the Spring Festival, there will be the original ecological folk cultural performances, dance performances, tea lights real horse caravan real performances, folk art performances, Dan in the wind, Town God’s Temple fashion show, "Qiangfeng rhyme flow" dance and Qinghai local special snack show, Lantern Festival fireworks show many folk cultural activities. In February, held in Kumbum Monastery of and traditional folk festival activities in Huangzhong County, twelve month, thirteen month, fourteen folk art performances on fifteen Kumbum Monastery, less jump lamps and butter flower show. At the same time, also launched the "autumn winter scenery summer tour, farm leisure tours, cultural tours, tea merchant religious tour etc..


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