Xining city to carry out the activities of Qing 61 students will receive more than 12 thousand copie

May 30th, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Dong Xia Zhen Ke Ma luoguxuantian school, by the Xining Municipal Women’s Federation, the Municipal Education Bureau, the municipal civilization office, comprehensive management office hosted, Xining celebrates the 61 Thanksgiving life · learn to survive beyond the dream and · to the city’s primary and middle school students donated "minors safety prevention and self-help" science book launching ceremony is being held here.

at the donation ceremony, Xining Municipal Committee, publicity minister Wang Haihong and other leaders to Ke Ma school left-behind children issued basketball, bags, pencil boxes and other necessities of life, learning, as Children’s Day gift, as an expression of the poor students, left-behind children love and care. At the same time, donated books for the three District Four County demonstration school for parents to donate books to those units and enterprises presented a plaque, and the release of popular science books to Ke Ma schools, hoping to guide the units and individuals more attention, education, attention left-behind children, care for the growth of minors, so as to further promote the the Chinese nation the glorious tradition of helping the trapped, mutual love, love and dedication to create a social atmosphere.

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‘s relevant person in charge of this activity were donated to the primary and middle school students "safety for minors prevention and self-help" popular science books more than 12 thousand, in order to encourage them to become hard, not afraid of difficulties, cultivate good moral character from childhood, to do a good student physical and mental health, morality, intelligence and Physique Comprehensive the development of a socialist successors to the cause of the future.


activities of the Ke Ma school teachers and students welcome and praise, after the ceremony, Xining city leaders also visited the school left behind Ke Ma in painting and calligraphy, paper-cut works of migrant children, and cooking show, to see the children carefully prepared work, everyone praise. (author: Yang Jian)


transfer positive energy to poor children

May 29th, Xining Municipal Committee of Communist Youth League Organization caring young entrepreneurs to Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County Ma Shi Tibetan primary school, in the heart of · see hope "public action project funded by the young people, and carry out the" hand in hand to build Chinese dream · heart heart transfer positive energy "activities, activities of the 61 love the poor boy the children’s health, school for poor children to learning and living supplies, and they will extend festive greetings.

day, 30 Xining City victory road primary school the young pioneers also came to the Ma Shi Tibetan primary school, and poor children gathered together here, show, and Ma Shi reservoir primary school students put up a pair, has set up a bridge of friendship. The children who received the holiday gifts were very happy. They gave the gift cards to the aunts and uncles who gave presents to them as a gift to express their gratitude.

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