Xining air quality into the country before 30

In October 20th, the reporter learned from the municipal environmental monitoring station, China Environmental Monitoring Center released air quality 74 city in October, according to the air quality rankings, Xining City, broke into the top 30, ranked 29, in the five northwest provinces, only ranked 23 in Lanzhou. October ranking is the best result of the city this year.

is ranked second

in the northwestern province of five

in October, the air quality index of 74 city national statistical ranking (by positive rank), the air quality of Zhoushan city is relatively the best, ranked first; Shijiazhuang City air quality is relatively weak, ranked seventy-fourth. According to reports, the capital city of Northwest China ranked as follows: Lanzhou ranked twenty-third in the country, Xining, the country ranked twenty-ninth, Yinchuan ranked thirty-ninth in the country, Urumqi, the country ranked forty-second, Xi’an ranked sixty-sixth in the country. From the rankings, in October, Xining air quality ranked second in the capital city of Northwest china.

particle concentration was controlled by

in order to improve the air quality, the city from September to start a strong tackling remediation, the air quality of various pollutants have been a certain amount of control, PM10, PM2.5 pollutant concentrations continued to decline. September and in August, the average monthly concentration of PM10 decreased by 12 micrograms / cubic; PM2.5 monthly average concentration decreased by 3 micrograms / cubic, PM10 and PM2.5 exceeded the number of days to reduce the number of days. October compared to the average concentration of PM10 decreased 5 micrograms / cubic meter, a decline of 4.38%; PM2.5 monthly average concentration decreased by 8 micrograms / cubic, a decline of, PM10 and PM2.5 exceeded the number of days to reduce the number of days of two.

air quality rankings this year, the best

September, the city’s 74 cities in the country’s air quality rankings, ranking the first place, compared with the August ranking to improve one, in October ranking again significantly improved. For this ranking, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau official said, with the city from September 1st to start the comprehensive operation of air pollution control action is inseparable. From 6 aspects of urban dust pollution remediation, motor vehicle exhaust pollution remediation, industrial pollution, carry out the work of the 29 governance. Municipal Party committee and government attach great importance to, has organized 8 air pollution comprehensive management of the special meeting, the municipal government refined the 10 hard measures to promote the work of rectification. In order to ensure the effectiveness of governance, municipal government also formulated the assessment mechanism, the comprehensive pollution control work supervision mechanism, incentive mechanism, working mechanism, responsibility asking mechanism for joint law enforcement system, forming a comprehensive management work supervision, governance, accountability, assessment, rewards and punishment system.

air pollution is still a long way to go

to air pollution, air quality in winter I will once again receive multiple tests. Wang Wei, deputy director of the municipal environmental monitoring station, said that with the temperature decreased, the construction site will be shut down, such as the coverage is not in place after the work, it will rebound in the winter can not spray dust, road dust governance is not;

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