Tap the potential to create light industry Qinghai boutique Green contact will echo

in this year’s Green Fair, the province’s light industry and service industry successfully signed about 36000000000 yuan, the provincial government and the China Light Industry Federation signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. In addition, the province’s key investment projects, in addition to the majority of circular economy projects, the number of consumer items ranked second. There are indications that, along with the acceleration of the adjustment of the industrial structure in our province, the light industry is becoming a new growth point of " in our province, " of the people and rich province.

tune structure, light industry once again force

actually, light industry is the traditional characteristic industry of our province. In 70s and 80s, the "tiger" seamount blankets, " pressure cooker, "Kang Su" dairy production in Qinghai well-known light industrial products of Qinghai light industry witnessed the glory of the year. However, after the reform and opening up of the big market, large circulation of the market environment, due to various reasons, the gradual decline of Qinghai light industry, the rapid shrinking of the size of the industry.

After entering

in 11th Five-Year, the light industry in our province has entered a new period of development. Industrial scale continues to grow, the dominant position of the basic establishment of the industry, domestic and international influence steadily. During the period from 2006 to 2012, the total output value of light industry increased from $3 billion 280 million to $19 billion 821 million. The proportion of total industrial output value of light industry increased from 5.1% to 8.06%. Especially in this year, the downward pressure on the industrial economy has further increased, weak industrial products, prices, sales lag, consumer oriented light industry has stood out, maintaining rapid growth.

the first four months of this year, the proportion of light industry accounted for the proportion of the total industrial output increased to 9%, an increase of nearly one percentage point over last year.

in the face of increasing demand, improve innovation capacity, accelerate the new situation and new requirements of changing the mode of economic development, the provincial government stand in the strategic height of sustainable economic and social development in Qinghai, put forward to support the development of light industry, adjusting the industrial structure, optimize the industrial upgrading of the strategic decision.

Luo Huining of secretary of provincial Party committee, a careful analysis of the province’s consumer goods market situation, choose the breakthrough, the market for the industry, to guide investment policy, targeted investment measures, to further accelerate the development of light industry. Governor Hao Peng requirements, efforts to accelerate the development of light industry, do a good job at the end of the industrial chain investment, promote food and beverage, specialty textiles, consumer goods and other industries across the development.

focus, light industry cluster development

in May this year, the province sent a joint venture group went to 7 provinces and cities to carry out investment in light industrial projects, and ultimately reached more than twenty light industry investment intentions. This includes the supply of supporting services for the color printing packaging enterprises, but also to extend the province’s light industry chain of existing oil processing enterprises, as well as emerging oxygen health care products manufacturers.

in order to fully tap;

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