Xining the first batch of small and medium business circulation enterprise public service platform w

in the future, Xining’s small and medium business circulation enterprises encountered difficulties in terms of capital, technology, talent, etc., can be approached to help. In April 30th, small and medium circulation enterprises in Xining Service Center for the awarding ceremony was held on the three, four County District 7 of the first point of contact for awarding workstation and service platform.

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as determined by the Ministry of Commerce of the second batch of small and medium business enterprise construction circulation service system pilot city, from the beginning of last year, construction of small and medium circulation enterprises public service platform in Xining is steadily. As of the end of 2014, small and medium circulation enterprises in Xining service center has completed 350 square meters of office hall building, with 6 service window, the success of the record professional service organization 20, for small and medium-sized commercial and trade circulation enterprises 70. Has completed the work of the construction site on-line, open WeChat public subscription number and enterprise service hotline. At the beginning of the meeting held on the bank, the success of 8 companies to provide services, a total of $56 million loan.

Xining Municipal Bureau of Commerce responsible person, divided into workstation as institutions of Xining city commercial distribution of small and medium enterprise service center, service center to perform some functions, for the record companies do, the guidance of enterprise record audit, provide a platform for enterprise information support and help with the body. The purpose is to set up a workstation, through the establishment of a professional business services team of workers through the area of organization, function and integration of resources, through the area to carry out administrative and service work, ensure the needs and aspirations of the person receiving area businesses and services, ensure the service center work to implement, give full play in the construction of service system the role of small and medium circulation enterprises.


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