Tax jump on the 4 billion steps of the Western District tax

this year, West District Local Taxation Bureau to actively respond to the complex tax situation, to strengthen the collection and management of key tax sources as the starting point, through the plan, step by step to carry out the analysis and evaluation of key sources, accurate forecast of the monthly tax situation, implement the plan, the successful completion of the tasks assigned by the superiors of tax. As of December 23rd, West District Local Taxation Bureau of total tax revenue 2 billion 434 million yuan, 1 billion 568 million yuan fee income, total tax revenue exceeded 4 billion mark, in 2013 exceeded 3 billion yuan, a new record high, to a new level.
west bureau of tax revenue growth, the correct leadership depends on the economic development of Xining and the provincial and Municipal Local Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau also depends on the West party catch team, with team, promote development, pay close attention to the implementation of the work, improve the system, innovation mechanism, pushing into the standardized and precise tax scientific management. West bureau earnestly implement the pre tax, with key tax source management measures tax certificate ", with tax assessment as a breakthrough point, strengthening tax management, the real estate industry, held monthly tax analysis of a special meeting, problem oriented, targeted to strengthen the tax collection, tax assessment, key data sources monitoring the investigation and analysis, and positive coping, effectively blocking the collection loopholes. They will clean up the tax as the tax work and improve the quality of tax collection and management of key tasks and key task, to further standardize the order of Taxation, increase the intensity of farming, set up a working group on taxes, and personally led by the director of supervision, increase the clean-up work of tax arrears, clean-up taxes enterprises 17 households, 126 million 550 thousand yuan to pay tax and has achieved remarkable results.


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