Nanjing traffic police relay rescue admirable

Nanjing recently abnormal weather, let people feel the weather out of the ordinary, let people get sick sometimes hot and sometimes cold. Recently, the 3 day, Nanjing traffic police brigade has helped speed up the two sudden illness passengers in the eleven. There has been such a touching scene in Nanjing, which is the best embodiment of social positive energy, it is worthy of recognition.

2 month 16 days at 1 pm, eleven brigade police officers are high-speed Zhang Yu Bo Li Ma highway patrol, suddenly received a phone call the police, had a sudden symptoms of epilepsy in Lotus Mountain area. Zhang police quickly rushed to the lotus leaf service area, found the onset of the elderly.

sat on the ground when the old man talk nonsense, even on the ground, on the side of relatives at a loss what to do. In order to prevent the elderly twitching in the injured himself, Zhang police officers came to embrace the elderly. Ten minutes later, the ambulance arrived, but the elderly limbs violent swing, the doctor did not dare to take measures. In response to the request of the doctor and his family, the police officer. Subsequently, the doctor came to the elderly sedated, the old man was quiet, a police officer with the police to clear the way for the ambulance, escorted to the hospital, due to the timely rescue, the old man has no right.

2 18 in the morning about 10:30, eleven high-speed traffic police brigade is Li Ma Jiangsu and Anhui Provincial high-speed toll station on duty, a car from Anhui bus driving double jump slowly drive, open the door after the bus which came the voice: "come to save ah!" Cao Jun, Wang Xi two police officers rushed to the front of the bus, I saw a man sitting on the driver’s seat collapsed a male passenger, pale face, limbs were unable to sag, vomiting. The driver saw the police as if to see the Savior: quick, quick to save him, do not know how to go on, he’s like this." Traffic police immediately decided to open a police car escorted to the nearest Ma’anshan People’s Hospital.

with the help of the police in Nanjing, more than ten minutes later, the doctor came out from the inside, saying that the patient is a sudden discomfort, fortunately, timely delivery. The patient was quickly sent to the hospital for treatment to make people feel at ease, for Nanjing traffic police courageous behavior, people need to make a compliment, so that more people feel the warmth of Nanjing.

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