Men’s underwear store management skills to master the whole

said the underwear, many people think of is the lady’s underwear, men’s underwear in fact now is very popular at present, Chinese men’s underwear store market is almost a blank, but men’s underwear is not less than the demand of women’s underwear market demand, therefore, a male underwear shop is very business. The following plans to be drawn, only intended to operate the men’s underwear shop friends reference.

1. opening promotion

some basic models and cost-effective high profit product sales: collocation or buy a gift, or direct discount, specific promotion plan, according to the store and the price to the purchase price of the products. Under normal circumstances, the opening should be given to the customer to promote the sale of money, the feeling, in fact, the owner can still have a little profit.

2. flyer marketing

produced a number of leaflets, hired two college students, 20 yuan / hour, to nearby communities, colleges and universities issued. Ordinary clothing stores do not send leaflets, but the market for rare men’s underwear store, the leaflets necessary to promote.

3. analysis of consumer psychology, seize the opportunity

most men due to face, will not take the initiative to visit the men’s underwear store, so even if the opening of a man’s underwear shop, the object of marketing is still a woman. The owner can purchase a batch of high quality and inexpensive women jewelry or small sling, ladies underwear, the variety and quantity of not too much, mainly used to attract female customers into the store first: can be used into the shop to send small gifts, buy Jisong MS products etc., stimulate consumers to buy.

4. feature service

owner can operate according to the operating conditions and the implementation of free packaging, door-to-door service. It should be noted that, prior to the calculation of a variety of costs, in ensuring the premise of profitability, and then carry out value-added services.

5. activity marketing

with store turnover tends to stabilize, the owner can carry out the men’s underwear show near the crowded shopping malls. But the marketing cost is larger, the owner shall do.


6. products

When the

shop has a certain reputation and size, can open up a lingerie shop, selling "couple underwear", one can further develop potential customers, on the other hand can increase revenue, and enhance the topic of the store, attract the attention of customers. But no matter how to change the strategy, do not dilute the theme of men’s underwear monopoly, all in the product and marketing methods of fine-tuning, around the "men’s underwear monopoly" to operate. < / recommendation

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