Hefei to Hangzhou to add new road net

Hefei to Hangzhou to travel a variety of means of transport, in general, people like to do high-speed rail to go out, not only convenient, but also easy. Next year, hang Huang railway strung golden tourist line of the Yangtze River Delta will be opened to traffic, by way of the Jixi Fugao iron hang Huang railway, Hefei people can be more convenient to go to Hangzhou.

earlier this month, hang Huang railway construction officially by the line of civil engineering into line laying engineering, laying works will be completed by the end. According to the plan, hang Huang railway will be opened to traffic in June next year.

it is understood that the yellow iron Hangzhou railway company, Chinese route in Zhejiang Province, Anhui Province, jointly invest in the construction, east of Hangzhou East Railway Station, South Zhejiang Province, Xiaoshan District, Fuyang City, Tonglu County, Jiande City, Chunan County, Anhui province in Jixi County, and high-speed rail weal, Anhui Jiangxi railway expansion and reconstruction project a total of Jixi north station, the station and weal high-speed rail parallel introduction of Mount Huangshan North station.

line length of 265 km, of which Zhejiang province within the territory of 185 kilometers, Anhui province within the territory of 80 km. Across the board a total of Hangzhou East, South Hangzhou, Fuyang, Tonglu, Jiande, East, Chunan, Sanyang, Jixi north, North Shexian, North Mount Huangshan and other 10 stations, the design speed of 250 km, construction period of two years.

hang Huang railway opened, Hangzhou, the Fuchun River, Qiandao Lake, Mount Huangshan City, the name of the river, lake, mountain and other scenic areas are closely linked, constitute a world-class gold tour line, Hangzhou – Mount Huangshan two basic components of "1 hour life circle hang Huang railway". By then, the people of Hefei by Fugao iron hang Huang railway to Hangzhou via Jixi.

in the future, there will be more people concerned about the development of Hefei’s foreign railway, it is worth people. The introduction of Hang Huang railway Jixi station and the new northeast contact line synchronous implementation of the construction plan, the project scope and investment budget, lay an important foundation for the revamping engineering Anhui Jiangxi railway from Xuancheng to Jixi section of smooth implementation.

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