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has a lot of food and beverage industry after the baptism of time has become the people living in consumer products such as old myth, from western countries to introduce China western fast food, although Chinese fast food occupy most of the market share of the fast food restaurant, but Western fast-food restaurants and Chinese fast food perfect fusion form is really a lot of Western fast food is more and more customers recognized in the Chinese delicacy, also has a large consumer group. The hamburger number in line with the tastes of consumers, to meet the needs of consumers. Strive to provide consumers with quality assurance, unique taste of Western fast food, is to achieve the majority of franchisees to join the franchise to join the project.

How much does it cost to join



, Hamburg was founded in 2010, the main delicacy fried chicken, hamburgers, milkshakes, Egg Tart, either from the food or dining environment, in the same industry are so deep a stroke above, consumer recognition, high repeat. Many investors want to join the number Hamburg, then joined the number of Hamburg need to invest much money?

number Hamburg join fee:

Hamburg to join the amount of investment 1-5 million to start business.

Hamburg to join the advantages:

1. Hamburg to join, there is no profit sharing, earn all of you, to ensure the opening of a fire, not double the return of the fire fee!

2. the strength of the company can be seen everywhere, the basic intersection of the major urban areas of Puyang, there are No. Hamburg (or typhoon shelter)!

3. human and material resources are saved, 1-3 people shop, their own development of a unique formula, to ensure that with the learning!

4. simple operation, the machine out of food, manual processing, good learning to do!

Hamburg to join support:

Hamburg can provide the most intimate one to one training for all franchisees, free store image design services. Ensure that all franchisees in the application after joining, no worries.

high quality food, completely fresh ingredients, to ensure the freshness of Hamburg, which is why more and more consumers recognize the brand, the main reason for the choice of this brand.

The franchisee

Hamburg can maintain independence, but also enjoy the headquarters of a variety of technology, knowledge and experience. Headquarters tracking service to help solve the problem of food chain operation at any time. The headquarters will send a professional team of experts to integrate the problem

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