How to join the valley flavor steamed buns

now people seem to eat more and more exquisite, of course, is not the kind of demanding attention, but pay attention to health and nutrition into health food, non food and beverage industry is not pleasant to the eye, are moving in this direction to do comprehensive reform.

Hubei palace flavor Catering Management Company Limited is a collection of food and beverage technology research and development project for the integrated chain catering enterprises, advocating "tradition and fashion, health and delicious" food culture, adhering to the "integrity, innovation, professional, pragmatic" business philosophy, dedicated to innovation and promotion the traditional special snack and Western food technology.

steamed steamed buns? What are the conditions? What is the joining process? Look at the following specific introduction.

The company now has

general manager, product development center, marketing management center, procurement logistics management center, financial management center, management center, personnel administration center and a number of professional team, to the Hubei palace Flavor Restaurant Management Co. to build the national first-class catering management group. So steamed steamed stuffed bun how to join it?

Valley steamed steamed stuffed bun join conditions:

1. Valley steamed steamed stuffed bun shop franchisee highly agree with the steamed stuffed bun shop brand value and business philosophy;

2. consciously maintain the brand reputation of steamed stuffed bun shop;

3. Valley steamed steamed stuffed bun to join the conditions of the current flavor of steamed steamed dumplings to join the list of investment Valley steamed steamed bun shop, to accept the headquarters of the unified management and training;

4. do not damage the steamed stuffed bun shop brand behavior;

5. Valley steamed steamed stuffed bun franchisee has certain management ability and crisis response ability;

6. law-abiding, reputable social investors;

7. investment Valley steamed steamed stuffed bun, is willing to engage in the valley of the cause of steaming business management, is willing to steamed steamed stuffed bun shop as their own business;

Valley steamed steamed stuffed bun join process:

1. join consulting

2. market research, store visits

3. submitted to join the application

4. audit evaluation

5. looking store

6, signed a shop lease contract


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