France banned A dream Director Ren misunderstanding meaning animation dream

animation can be said that the child’s education enlightenment, therefore, for the content of the animation audit, radio and television is very strict. "Duo A dream" how many people’s childhood memories, and France banned duo A dream, what is the reason?

3 4, according to Taiwan’s ETTV cloud coverage, revealed in a program on the famous Japanese director Shi Rencheng before the Japanese cartoon "Duo A dream" in France was listed as one of the banned cartoons, let the fans feel very surprised.



Check: can play, is popular as "Naruto" etc. on the other hand, the Japanese Foreign Ministry responded that "not heard" Duo A dream "was banned in France, the last broadcast on local television broadcasts, although some time has stopped, but the reason seems to be and Shi Rencheng that is not in line with the.

in France many TV you can watch free, so even if there is a child’s family but also very few people spend watching channel charge. In the animation section, "Duo A dream" broadcast time is scheduled to the night every day to the morning, this time period is generally not recommended

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