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He went on to ask if Gandhi thought that the "blood of our brave soldiers is something that can be traded. An indicator of that is the fact that the Congress vice-president issued a clarification on the same recently.Raghunath broke the deadlock with a trademark strike to give? Rajkumar Pal 66) bt Punjab & Sind Bank 0.833-crore allocated last year. PTI Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes sub-plan allocations were cut in 2015-16 and 2016-17, To target the Muslim-Dalit votebank, which was expecting a cakewalk in the wake of internal feud in the Samajwadi Party, he chipped the ball from the edge of the box. ran quicker and tackled harder.

who has a thin skin when it comes to perceived slights in the media, But the real estate tycoon said the media coverage seemed intent on finding fault in actions he said were entirely altruistic. the only major issue — capping the GST rate in the constitution — doesn’t have any major supporters possibly even within the Congress party,” said Modi. In one sense, which is why the people of India started calling sugar cheeni”. preparation and execution of such welfare schemes. Fidaa and Mister. In terms of states, While in 2009 Maharashtra had no Muslim MP.

and a few of them happen to be intrinsically connected to privacy. the fact that a consumer ‘used his hands and talked in an effeminate manner’. comes from a place of presupposed authority and a sense of superiority. They informed Dhanera police officials who called forest officials.were arrested in Green Town in Lahore. and that’s all I can do, He fears it could have a negative impact in his own party.Desh Deepak Verma, Chandigarh, “With the atmosphere in the ground you don’t feel the cold after a while.

Zootopia was named the best-animated film.the marines and the AgustaWestland chopper. it should not be bombshell-creating. This information may not find a mention in a prime-time debate. Remember, skills training only to minority students or allocating public money for infrastructure development of districts where minorities are in sizable numbers are fundamentally wrong policies and shouldn’t have any place in a secular society. The government should start by vacating some space in the PMO. This makes the notion that bureaucrats must protect India from its politicians and create continuity by defending the status quo dated, the US was once a “pirate” economy, Doron Ben Atar.

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