How to manage the chopsticks business

chopsticks are familiar to us, but it is essential to our daily life. In addition to eating, chopsticks are also hidden tremendous business opportunities, hidden in an unprecedented market, then, how to operate the chopsticks business?

The protection of intellectual property rights

celebrities used chopsticks, businesses in addition to show Tibet, you can also press the time to sell the right to use, the first time can be several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, after each 1 yuan to 100 yuan, the store can be free to pricing, for some crazy fans, can use an idol that used chopsticks. It is a very proud thing. Of course, in addition to the sale of the right to use, you can also auction the permanent ownership of chopsticks, such activities for celebrities and businesses are a good promotion. For example: a celebrity in Tongchuan, a hotel restaurant, the use of chopsticks were auctioned out 100 thousand yuan astronomical. Celebrities and restaurants have access to media exposure. The hotel for this promotion event can continue at least three times, second times, a celebrity used chopsticks chopsticks set a new auction record, were sold for the high price of 120 thousand, shibuguosan, three is not fresh, so third is the final version, a restaurant in Tongchuan to apply for the Guinness world record auction chopsticks. Of course, we can also subdivide the record auction record auction, bamboo chopsticks.

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