What are the snack bar store location taboo

snack shop shop location needs to pay attention to some of the details, because some details are likely to affect the store’s late operating problems. What are the issues that need to be paid attention to? Let’s look at it, I hope investors do not enter the investment mistakes.

1, a western facade to use:

sometimes Xishai location is good, but in the hot summer, if there is no air conditioning, food display will face the sun, but the customer is not willing to buy, is not conducive to the effective storage of food.

2, the location of the intake to use: in the northern city, if the store into the wind (northwest), winter wind constantly invasion would drive away customers.

3, the store and the ground uneven pavement should choose: uneven impact of customers into the store’s interest.

4, the store on the slope to choose: the slope will affect the vehicle parking, unfavorable interest of customers into the store.

The obstacle to use

5, the door: if there are some buildings and trees in front of the store, these obstacles may affect the visibility of the shop, thus affecting the passenger flow.

6, next to the fast track to shop carefully: the road can not travel through the impact of traffic.

7, the dim light of the place to be careful: dark places affect people’s interest in shopping, but also reduces the level of shops.

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