What are the problems of returning home for College Students

although the government continues to promote publicity to encourage college students to return home to start a business, but not many successful. On the one hand, there are still many problems to support the policy in the actual operation and the details of the level, on the other hand, there are still many misunderstandings in the understanding of the problem of returning home to start a business.

current back to the countryside entrepreneurial university graduates entrepreneurship at   "Internet +" of farmer cooperatives, these new areas, the number has increased, but face the problem of insufficient funds affect the entrepreneurial development etc.. It is worth noting that the return of rural talent is still back to the village disgrace concept, lack of entrepreneurial planning and other aspects of the constraints during school. Some entrepreneurs believe that students should strengthen the awareness of entrepreneurship during the school, to increase the typical business advocacy and policy support to promote more college students to return to rural entrepreneurship.


2012 Li Deming established a cooperative now, after several years of development, in 2014 the community has reached more than and 160 households, cultivated land area of up to 3300 acres.

"into the club last year dividends of $112, plus land revenue, the income of farmers in cooperatives increased year by year, farmers like me to" student body "also gradually recognized." Li Deming said.

in addition to targeting new agricultural business entities, some university graduates from rural areas to the field of entrepreneurship alignment of agricultural products at present less strong sales weak, in the "Internet + agricultural" business. Qiao Weiqi is a tree Mingshui County township of Heilongjiang province across the city village, after graduating from Lanzhou University in 2011 found work in Beijing. But after a few months he chose to quit his job and go back to his hometown. The reason why you want to choose to return home business, mainly considering their own advantages." Qiao Weiqi said, parents are farmers, they grew up in the countryside, Heilongjiang has a lot of good agricultural products, but not high quality, with the help of the Internet can solve this problem, so I decided to do an agriculture – Taobao stores across the small city to operate a variety of grains "".

2012, the Taobao store on-line operation, the total sales of more than ten million yuan. Qiao Weiqi said that after 2013 the store benefits improved, monthly sales to about one hundred thousand yuan.

"I this year, the school nearly 1000 people, to start their own businesses a few people. This is also a major in agronomy, other professional back to the village to do less." Li Deming said, now go back to the village of entrepreneurship students. < recommended

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