Wuhan individual industrial and commercial households do not run home can be taxed

for individual industrial and commercial households, each time the business may be only a few minutes, but they have to go to the Inland Revenue Department, the time has been delayed on the road, causing great inconvenience.

Wuhan state tax union to enable the tax service station, the city’s 99 Street sites while enabling

yesterday, in Wuhan City, Local Taxation Bureau jointly "tax service station" in fruit lake street in Wuchang officially inaugurated, marking the city’s 99 Street tax service station is also enabled, the city more than 260 thousand individual industrial and commercial households in the tax in the "home".

it is understood that the original VAT tax matters of individual industrial and commercial households is relatively simple, the only sign of past and bank electronic tax three party agreement with the tax department, will be approved by the Tax Bureau tax monthly from automatic withholding bank card. As to the invoice or did not sign the agreement of the self-employed, still need to the tax service hall for queuing.

5 after 1 months, the construction industry, the real estate industry, the financial sector and the life of the service industry will be fully open camp changed to increase, there are nearly 60 thousand households to pay the business tax to the self-employed to pay value-added tax. "To help the self-employed convenient tax, from the tax service hall queue, we combined with the tax department, the city’s 99 Street station to provide tax services, tax payment, invoice and natural person rental real estate VAT invoice and other service items for the self-employed, this form in the country is still the first." Guo Yaguang, deputy director of Wuhan Municipal Taxation bureau.

in the future, the city’s individual industrial and commercial households, can be used in any tax service station with a POS machine credit card tax, if not with a bank card, but also by the service station to issue tax receipts to the nearest bank tax. In addition, the need to receive invoices of the self-employed, just with personal identity cards and invoices to buy books, to the door of the service station can easily get tickets.

the opening ceremony on the same day, a taxpayer surnamed Qi admiring, easily handled a invoice for business. "We usually do not have much business, not every month to pay tax, the business had to go to the Inland Revenue Department Hall, the road will be a long time, only a few minutes to complete the business, quite troublesome! Now better, at home, do not line up."

currently pay more attention to the natural person rental real estate need to open value-added tax invoice business, according to the State Administration of taxation documents, the business is still by the local tax authorities levied VAT, but natural per capita in tax service station management, no longer need to run the Local Taxation Bureau Tax Service hall.

Wuhan municipal government Huimin measures, the real people to solve the problem of tax trouble, but also more conducive to more taxpayers to pay the fee, help to enhance the image of the government in the hearts of the people.

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