Hainan retired university graduates can apply for a maximum of 100 thousand yuan loan venture

college graduates to join the army, which has become a normal thing in the current, all over the country for this situation will have the relevant subsidies. So, for such a special group if it is to start a business, there will be what kind of policy? Hainan Province before the date issued by the relevant policies, so as to provide more help for such a special local entrepreneurial crowd.

8 22, notice of the general office of the people’s Government of Hainan Province, Hainan provincial military command jointly issued the Hainan province conscription work some preferential policies (Hainan’s office 2016 No. 196), notice in college tuition compensation compensation, school education, entrepreneurship education and training policies, regulations and on the basis of the employment of retired soldiers. Provide more preferential policies.

this includes, during the service period of conscripts, the family members of the family of preferential treatment by the county (city, district) government, in accordance with the local urban residents per capita disposable income of less than 50%. College students enrolled in the Army (including college freshmen) issued a one-time reward of 5000 yuan, the funds required by the county finance.

graduated from college graduates to start their own business, each person can apply for the amount of not more than 100 thousand yuan of venture capital loans. Belong to the graduates of the retired college soldiers, each person can apply for a one-time job subsidy of 1500 yuan. Retired college graduates to participate in vocational training, each person can apply for 800 yuan to 2000 yuan of vocational training subsidies. Retired college graduates in the employment of the employing units probation, each person can apply for a monthly internship period of not more than 800 yuan of employment subsidies.

not only has the support of funds in the venture, in the major institutions to recruit time, such a special retirement groups also enjoy advantages. Hainan nationality or enlisted for Hainan’s retired college graduates enlisted for civil servants, serving as an experience in the grassroots work experience, under the same conditions should be given priority or employment. Special police officers and police officers, grassroots full-time armed cadres recruitment and public institutions to recruit, to determine a certain proportion of positions for the Hainan nationality or enlisted for Hainan’s retired college graduates soldiers directed recruitment. State owned enterprise recruitment arrangements for 15%, for the purpose of recruiting Hainan nationality or enlisted for the retired college students in Hainan.

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