Webmaster talking about soft writing in fact these three strokes

has many webmaster, often say writing soft text, don’t know how to start. In fact, the method is only three strokes". That is: Based on the principle of seeking truth from facts, keen insight as the basis, "dare to start" as the basic policy, as long as these "trick", an article, slightly modified, is a good soft wen.

below is my writing soft some experience:

first: fact seeking.

said earlier, soft Wen is the most important thing to seek truth from facts. Believe that when we are students, the teacher often teaches us, writing is the most important thing to write their true feelings. From the experience of their own building, their daily life, their own feelings refining themes. Good articles are things that you have to experience before you can write something more true. Even if you do not have excellent literary talent, but your story is true, will be recognized by others. And even if you have a good literary talent, but because the article in the case is fictional, let others see it is false, such an article, certainly can not get other people’s appreciation.

second: keen insight.

a lot of things for ordinary people in the eyes of small things, but for people who are concerned, it must be a big event, it will become a soft text of good themes. This requires the soft Wen writers need to have a keen insight, must have the general smell of hounds. Back to the webmaster industry soft writing to analysis, as long as we always pay attention to the Internet events, plus their own thinking and their emotions, written out is certainly a good soft wen.

third: dare to do it.

that’s the most important thing. It is no use thinking about it. It is no use thinking about it. Only by acting really can we make a miracle. Every day thinking about how to write soft Wen, the mind has been thinking how to write soft Wen, and if you don’t really move to write, is anyway can’t write out. Although the beginning of writing, the article may be messy, the subject is not clear, but as long as you write, and by modifying, you will be surprised to find that you have written a good soft Wen!


some time ago, I also wrote a soft text and confused. For some time, I have been thinking of a soft text, and that is not really hands-on. Finally, one day, I made up my mind to get rid of what I wanted to do and start writing. My first soft Wen: exquisite website is easier to find high-quality links, once contributed, it was included in the A5 home page. This piece of soft Wen, I’m from the station experience, I do station experience, write down, although the literary talent is not very good. But because I’m keenly aware of, finally got A5 editor’s favor. The second article text I: new Adsense: adhere to the victory alone from his familiar professional site can be successful is based on a soft, improved, the article was full of my heart, I believe every word with several years of experience and lessons, the colleagues agree I think this article "top" and "stamp"

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