Wang Xusheng founder of the kitchen below how is the recipe website community

for cooking people, in addition to the content are different, the recipe is a kind, but the traditional recipe website, but also put the printed recipes directly wholly intact to the Internet to users still do query menu, read the menu and then left, did not reflect the characteristics of the internet. But Wang Xusheng, the founder of the kitchen, added a "Upload" link to his recipe.


"works" is the key to driving the community

Wang Xusheng’s kitchen, not only can read recipes, users can upload their reading recipes after learning works, and then community interaction naturally happened. On the other hand, "uploading" users sync this information to social networks and attract new users to "cook in the kitchen". "Work" is the key to driving the community.

"works" is how many people have cooked this dish. There are 120 thousand users in the "kitchen" upload their own "work", the average menu for each of the following 7 "works", which we are all the recipes in the application of far ahead.

in our definition, the most important core value of the menu category is "works", like "public comment", the core value is the user’s evaluation. "Work" to let the user know the menu which is the most popular, what other people do this dish, can help us calculate the popular what to eat now, we improve the efficiency and quality to help users find content. This is much more efficient than manual editing.

The key to

‘s community is to make people feel equal,

how to get more people involved in our content system, this is the core of our product design. In my opinion, the key to community is to make people feel equal.

first, let’s lower the production threshold. Writing a recipe is very tedious. Cooking is easy, but at the same time you’re also a photographer and writing steps. We’ll try to simplify the process of creating recipes.

Most users of

learn recipes, and we will deliberately guide them to upload their own works. First, let users know that the work can be uploaded. Second is the follow-up, upload the work, someone immediately greet you, so that there will be a sense of accomplishment.


, we sorted our learning work according to the number of points, but users saw that others did very well and were often embarrassed to upload their own works. After that we adjusted to the "upload time" sorting, the user saw a few hours ago, someone has done this dish, indicating that the dish is hot. The menu’s picture is very good, but the latest work may be common so that users are confident of uploading their work. After such adjustments, the number of "works" has been slightly improved.


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