New blog set up 14 days of some SEO data

new blog has unwittingly launched 14 days, and for the optimization of the new blog, I have done a lot of effort, and today we share some new SEO related data in the new site.

1: Web pages included

Baidu only included the home page, today was included.

Google included 110 pages, new sites launched 2 hours, was included in the

YAHOO has included 85 pages of

Sogou included 51 Pages of

SOSO has included 110 pages of Google’s search service, SOSO, for use by

two: reverse link

YAHOO reverse link number 1994, YAHOO reverse link is the webmaster reference the most reverse link parameter

Baidu reverse chaining 86

Sogou reverse link number 1927

Google reverse link number 0, it seems that Google does not have this function, can not find out.

has a number of backlinks above all by 66, and the Links exchange. Many of them PR5 such high-quality home page outside the chain.

three: the main push keywords ranking

keyword "network promotion": Baidu naturally ranked fifth, Google ranked seventh, SOSO ranked 9

keyword "network promotion program", Baidu ranked second, Google ranked sixth, SOSO ranked 8

keyword "network promotion method", Baidu ranked second, Google ranked twelfth, SOSO ranked 19

, Baidu, Google, SOSO, is now the top 3 search engine in the domestic market share. Network promotion of Baidu index is about 1000. The rest of the 2 words Baidu index is around 100.

Figure 1: "network promotion" in GG and Baidu rankings


four: PR value situation

Google PR now only 0, because it is Google PR after the big update, just registered domain name, so want to have Google’s PR, still have to wait 3 months later.

Sogou PR now has 40 Sogou PR update frequency is relatively high, according to previous experience, Sogou PR and Google PR gap is not big, if Sogou PR has 40, Google PR should be able to reach about 4.

PR value of the growth, but also mainly rely on the chain. Hope next time Google PR value big update time, can directly reach 5.

five: ALEXA ranking

today ranked 34430 on the day, averaging 96819 a week, and averaging 2297> a month

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