My thinking run the website from its own starting

took over the webmaster for more than a month, just started, I am very active post, I would like to post personal enthusiasm to drive other people’s enthusiasm. But not every pay has the harvest, the website’s visit quantity, the browsing quantity has not increased greatly, I am thinking my method which makes the stationmaster, right?.

these days, I’ve been thinking about how to run a web site. I’ll start with the website itself.

, reposition the site. I took over the Quanzhou accounting network ( and Financial Forum (, I put the site positioning in the target group of Quanzhou enterprises and accounting personnel, accounting information is to understand the population needs, obtain accounting exam review materials.

two, study the statistics of your website. I registered a member in, had the statistics of Quanzhou finance and accounting network, ID. I found out that Alexa didn’t have a website ranking, and I submitted the website’s information.

three, making hot topics. I added the Quanzhou local news section on the site, updated and added comments.

four, reasonable paging. Previously, in order to earn PV, he always divided an article into N pages. It was later learned that a reasonable paging would increase the speed of the page and allow customers to stay longer on the site. I’ve been paying attention to this when I post it.

five, increase the original content. Always copied other people’s web content, at the end of the page statement. But it is not very attractive to customer groups. When I post recently, I like my own original, write about my experience, feel the news, and then I will download it to the computer, then upload it to the virtual space.

deal with the internal problems of the site, and then consider how to promote, and trouble you webmaster friends to a suggestion, let me this new person to grow up quickly, less detours, younger brother first thank you.

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