The reason why built the Shaanxi circle

had been in Shanghai for a year, and in the field, I had every day except for hard work. During the break, I always use the telephone or chat with my friends in the hometown in Shaanxi dialect. The first one I will let me feel that I am actually very close with them. The mood will be much better.


in Shanghai often heard the Shaanxi dialect, I will go up with two, if I can, I will contact each other. Have time to contact later. This was due to the feelings of homesickness stayed in the field believe that friends are deep. So when in Shanghai, I have wanted to build a website, aggregation of Shaanxi, due to the interactive nature of the Internet to stay in the field of friends henceforth not feel lonely.

there is some time ago, when a primary school were very good friends and I met in a restaurant, I and a few friends in, and did not recognize him, and he shouted my name, I suddenly think of him. He is, I have been looking for his whereabouts and contact a few years ago, have been unable to find credible. When I was brain surprise is unspeakable, so he and I get drunk again. Let me light the necessity of the establishment of Shaanxi – ring to lose contact with friends from the new look to contact.

based on the above two points, I established the Shaanxi circle (, I set up this site real name authentication, requiring each member of the Shaanxi circle to enter their own real name. This is also the difference between this site and other SNS sites, and other SNS sites such as campus networks, happy networks, watercress and other entertainment based, and the Shaanxi circle is not the case,

Shaanxi, mainly gathered in Shaanxi Province, with their own culture and living habits, but also throughout every corner of the world, they left Shaanxi out to make a living, but their hometown, family living in Shaanxi friends should look to.

finally, I want to say is: welcome to Shaanxi circle of Shaanxi, past or present in all walks of life to live in Shaanxi to.

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