Do it my way ‘m sure your forum will make money

, I am a small webmaster, here said money, refers to earn small money, not suitable for prawns, but there is no place, also please prawns pointing.

site, I prefer to build forums. The forum was built more difficult, but to have a fixed source of IP, the forum is also relatively in the interactive content, update on (even if there is no new topic, new member reply also), back rate method, I feel better than a website. Next, I will step by step to talk about my experience in building Forums:

on the space domain name, what I will not say, here tens of thousands of words.

first: Forum, I think the first step is to do the content, do not rush to submit the new search engine. The time period is two weeks to one and a half months. Why do you say so?. At this time, even if your website is planned in advance, but when you fill in the content, it is necessary to adjust the content according to the forum. The adjustment is expected to be completed in a few days. Then you can just add more content. The purpose of doing so is that you submit the search engine, people not included even, you included the forum, you often put the pieces to change to change, is not conducive to the site included, but also improve the stage division of the forum.

second: good forum search engine optimization. I think if you are not specialized in learning SEO, then do not be too much search engine optimization. This thing is not good, master the bad standard, easy to be punished by search engine, vulgar said by K. But some necessary work remains to be done. I use the forum program is DZ. A I do not say, we note the laggards that part of the top station (behind how | webmaster know | webmaster | / | webmaster Wangzhuan operation flow code | task | recruitment | cash sponsorship behind | behind | integral that | T-shirt account protection and activation), do not underestimate this part, a big role it. I didn’t notice it before, but later I realized it. I do not say the truth, I feel it, imposed on what is the difference?. This part of the text on the optimization of every important.

keyword on the post, you can have a keyword awareness, but not too much emphasis on highlighting the keywords in the forum post. In fact, if you have more content, original, even if the title is written, to a certain period of time, you again see your website statistics, some never noticed, this word has 35 IP, the word brings seven or eight IP, accumulate slowly, finally reach a certain search engine flow.

and a little bit, GG search engines generally find their own door. Don’t worry about it. But for Baidu, I think the site still has a certain amount of content, and then apply for landing in Baidu. Always feel new station content is small, included slow. The rest of the engine doesn’t work.

third: get traffic. Traffic is the root of a web site

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